“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed, is you.”

– Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay

Hello and welcome to Got the Passports!

If you’re someone who likes to plan trips from your bed on a Sunday morning, keep foreign weather destinations on your weather app or watch travel shows about Cape Town – then this site is for you!

Where It Began

Starting a travel blog during a pandemic seems like a bad idea, however, we’re so passionate about the places we’ve visited and absolutely love looking back on our past travels. This inspired us to document and share our learnings with the world, as well as what life’s like as a Capetonian in the Mother City.

Because we work full time, we also appreciate how precious those 15 days of a leave a year can be. So we hope to share our insights for visiting the Mother City and beyond as South African Travellers.

South African Travellers

South Africans are unique travellers as many of us have had very privileged lives from attending private schools, private healthcare, domestic help at home… but we also live in a developing country. This means we often like champagne service on a soft drink budget!

We’re very sensitive about money and prefer good value over extravagance. Don’t get me wrong! We love to be pampered, but are often budget conscious at the same time. This makes us careful planners and excited explorers.

Got the Passports So Far

While Got the Passports is a relatively new blog, we have had various opportunities to work with a number of special local and international travel brands. This includes the LUX Grand Guabe in Mauritius, Gondwana Collection in Namibia, the 12 Apostle Hotel & Spa in Cape Town and the NWR Collection in Namibia.

Because we’re of European heritage, our blog helps a large number of international guests looking to visit Cape Town as well as Africans.

Our love for art, food, history and architecture keeps us curious and we’re here to share the knowledge through our blog and Cape Town YouTube channel.

Working with GTP

If you’d like to work with us, take a look at our website and YouTube channel overview below or dig deeper in our case studies in our media kit.

Alternatively, pop us a message via our contact page or mail PR [at] gotthepassports.com

Thank you for visiting and – before you head out the door – “Got the Passports?”

Meg & Al-John


Why “Got the Passports”?

While on the highway exiting Venice, Italy Al-John asked Meg, “Got the passports?” – she didn’t…*panic*!

Long story short, this crazy moment lead us to start jotting down all our beautiful travel experiences on Got the Passports. Here you’ll find our travel memories, vlogs, wins and fails as we navigate this wide world.