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I’m alone in the house. It’s been a long 24 hours that started with the Springboks arriving at Cape Town International, after winning the World Cup, and ending with me in Mauritius, alone, staring out at the private jungle garden. The long B28 running up the east coast of Mauritius is a spectacular way to start any day. Humble fishing boats rest like art installations upon the silvery ocean as the broken-down houses start to stir in the morning light.

The drive into the Four Season’s Anahita is cloaked in large banyan trees, weeping their branches into the ground. The hub of the hotel is influenced by Indonesian architecture with triangle-shaped, thatched roofs, shiny black floors and wooden buttresses reinforcing the ceiling. The tiered view, with orange crabs scuttling along the borders, provides a gorgous view and a hint of the bright blue day ahead at the Eastern-themed hotel.

The house is ready and so I am I. It may be 7am, but it’s been a long day South African and I’m ready for bed. After a cold bath (it seems the geyser is still warming up), I jump into bed. Who will be arriving to join me? Time will tell. For now, it’s time to embrace this king sized bed and recharge for the adventure with #MyMauritius Explorer Lab tour to the tropical island of Mauritius and had the pleasure of experiencing the brand for the first time.

Private Island Lunch at the Four Seasons at Anahita

I open my eyes to the sound of someone calling from the downstairs foyer. Jumping out of bed, my motorsenses are clearly still in the bed as I stumble around like a drunk. Grabbing the bedroom door, I rush to peek down the stairwell. “Hello?” “Hi! I’m Nienke!” The Travel Tester has arrived! Soon afterwards, perfect lady Hayley Sparkes arrives, as well as Vijay from I Am Voyager. UK, India, Netherlands, South Africa, what an awesome group of creators all staying in the same house. Three girls and one boy, good luck Vijay!

The telephone rings (there’s a telephone?!) – lunch will be served shortly. We’re required to get dressed and head down to reception. Before we know it, we’re being taken on a tour of the Four Season’s beautiful pool area and whisked onto a boat. The seas of Mauritius are totally surreal and it’s always phenomenal looking through the glass-clear water at the coral and sea life below.

The private island is a part of the Four Seasons and is available exclusively to hotel guests.

“This is the best fish I have ever eaten!” I exclaim after pushing myself to try the red snapper. I don’t generally eat seafood but when you’re in a location like Mauritius, it’s best to immerse yourself into the island vibes and really take in as many new experiences as possible. The snapper is honestly delicious, coupled with parmesan wheels, banana chips and a Four Seasons coconut cocktail. Paradise!

Top Tip: Look out for the hot sauce! It’s absolutely delicious but these islanders know how to make it burn!

Villlas at the Four Seasons Anahita

Arriving back at our house, the entire ceiling is gushing with water! It seems our arrival has caused the geyser to totally give up on us. Luckily, it’s so warm on the island that a quick shower suffices before our next activities.

My room is on the second floor and one of the largest of the house. With huge cupboards, built-in writing desk, floor to ceiling windows, large bed and ensuite bathroom (with both his and hers basins), shower, wc and bath, it’s a pleasure to wake up each day to the soft light filtering through the trees and the tweets of island birds new to my ear.

The house, in general, is gorgeous. The charcoal tiled pool surrounded by a jungle garden edging the lagoon is a paradise for any family looking for a safe and happy holiday experience.

The kitchen is also partially stocked with necessities like soft drinks, liquor and champagne (Verve Cliquot) as well as everything one could possibly need to self-cater in the house. There’s a dining room, lounge and patio with furniture as well as sun loungers for those anticipating spending most of their time outside.

Memories of the Four Seasons

The hotel is spread out across a small peninsula. Golf carts easily navigate the winding pathways for quick collection and delivery of suitcases or visitors to the various parts of the resort.

There is a large pool area with a poolside bar near a small beach. This leads guests to the jetty with hotel shuttles, aka speedboats, that deliver guests to the award-winning, picturesque private island owned by the Four Seasons.

There is also a spa on-site with beds that overlook the dams. Hear fish jump and birds squawk as you indulge with the finest of treatments. In fact, requesting no music is an actual service offered by the spa – that’s how relaxing the natural sounds of the resort are!

There’s also a spot of shopping available for those interested in string-ray bags or clothing made from natural fibres. This really is a resort you can visit and never leave (although we do recommend visiting some of the local attractions!).

The Four Seasons also has a stilted spa on-site, offering various treatments for guests. Build on stilts, one of the main offerings is turning off the spa music while being massaged in exchange for the sounds of the water beneath and birds tweeting outside. Bliss!

Closing Thoughts

Staying at the Four Seasons was a once in a lifetime trip. It was wonderful to explore another hotel on the island of Mauritius and one of my favourite parts was the giant bats flying overhead as I’d wander to the reception in the early evening.

The food was excellent, the service was professional and the accommodation was extremely comfortable. The house was homely, but not fussy and included air conditioning for those who prefer to stay a bit cooler in the humidity.

#SP – This trip was sponsored by Mauritius Tourism and furnished by the Four Seasons Hotel. All opinions are my own.

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