Visiting Mauritius in January earlier this year still feels like a grand dream. We were beyond spoilt at the LUX Grand Gaube hotel in the north of the island, as well as by Mauritius Tourism who whisked us around the island for some Mauritian day trips – which included foodie experiences.

Since it’s been a few months now, I’ve finally managed to take in all the joys of the trip and have a good think about everything we experienced. I had some amazing new food experiences which I thought I would share with you:

1) A Fresh Coconut

An oldie, but a goodie. Can you actually go to a tropical island without drinking coconut milk straight out of the nut?! We drove past a few stalls in Grand Baie and I didn’t manage to get one. On the way home, however, I requested a quick stop and our driver was more than happy to oblige.

It was quite different to what I expected it to be, namely: it was room temperature. That sounds SO obvious, but when I think coconut milk, I think cold! I also didn’t expect there to be so much liquid! One nut between two people is totally fine. And, lastly, they’re not eating coconuts. So you don’t get to crack it open and eat out the flesh, it’s just a different type of nut.

An unforgettable island experience and one I’m thrilled to have completed!


2) Drinking Rum in the Ocean

We knew that we would be heading out on a boat tour, but we had no idea what a spectacular trip it would be. Yes, I was burnt to total and utter crayfish red (we weren’t told it was a speedboat tour so we were totally underprepared), but it was a brilliant day out that included drinking Mauritian rum in the middle of the day – on the edge of a private island. Sublime.

Warm water, cold rum, music pumping and a whole lot of German tourists looking both entertained and alarmed. This was one for the books! Click here to watch the Mauritius boat tour vlog.


3) Coriander Ice Cream

SO WEIRD! I know. I used to get serious migraines from coriander but I’ve grown out of it somehow. While at the LUX Grand Gaube’s south American inspired restaurant, Inti, we were served a peach dessert topped with coriander ice cream. It was unlike anything I’d ever had before and I LOVED it!

I’m a big “ying-yang” food person – hot and cold on the same place, soft and crunchy or spicey and smooth dishes always get my senses going. I think this is why I found this dish so amazing – the ying-yang herby savoury flavours versus smooth, cool ice cream, was an experience that has left a lasting impression on me.


4) Heart of Palm Salad

This isn’t something that I had on my list, however, Mr John and I popped into La Table du Chateau, well known for its curries. However, we don’t eat curry! I know, we’re weird. So we opted for some light finger foods and were served this delicious coleslaw. It was only upon eating it that I realised it wasn’t cabbage, but beautiful heart of palms!

Heart of palm comes from the inside of certain types of palm trees. It’s slightly softer than cabbage and has a sweeter, softer taste. I think they used white pepper in the slaw because it was sweet and delicate.

5) Bruleed Green Bananas

While out on our exquisite speedboat tour, the journey ended the day on a little island to enjoy a Mauritian braai (barbeque). We were served fresh, garlicky bread from the fire as well as chicken. But the dish that really stuck with me were the savoury, sweet bruleed green bananas. The flesh was mild and sweet and the sugar gave it an extra richness. This was a really special dish that felt authenic, which I really appreciated.


6) Sugar Tastings at L’Aventure du Sucre

We had a day tour to the Sugar Museum in Mauritius. And even though it was a lot to take in, it was amazing to see how many different types of sugars can be created and processed. After the self-guided tour, there is a display where visitors can taste different types of sugars. From soft, regular sugar, to deep dark molasses type sugars. It was a great to learn and taste the various sugars.


Food remains one of my favourite parts of travelling and this trip was no different. If you’ve ever had any of these before, please let me know where in the comment section below so that I can put it on my bucket list for next time.



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