What To Pack For a Boat Cruise in Mauritius

Last summer Al-John and I had the privilege of visiting Mauritius with the LUX Group. Not only did we stay at their beautiful, newly refurbished LUX Grand Gaube, but they kindly organised us a catamaran tour of a few islands in collaboration with Mauritius Tourism.

Unfortunately, there had been some miscommunication and it ended up being a day on a speed boat! We had an incredible day out, but were totally unprepared and got horrible sun burnt (was still totally worth it). So if you’re going on a boat tour of Ile Aux Cerfs, here’s what to pack and why.

10 Items to Pack for a Speed Boat Tour in Mauritius

  1. Wear shorts – you will need to climb on and off the boat which is awkward in a dress.
  2. Wear sandals – you will need to get into the water to reach the islands so easy shoes are best.
  3. Towel – for after snorkeling.
  4. Sarong – the boat offers extremely limited shade so this can be helpful for extra shade.
  5. SUNBLOCK! 0- SPF 500 000 000 if you can! No brainer. 8 hours in the sun, you do the maths.
  6. Hair elastic – it’s windy on the back of a boat so tying your hair up can be best.
  7. Sun glasses – it’s bright out there!
  8. Snacks – you may be out for a full day and only rely on the scheduled stops, pack a snack to stay happy.
  9. Backpack – I had my handbag as I thought I was going on  catamaran. A backpack would have been far more practical.
  10. Cap – I had a floppy had and it was very difficult to keep on while the boat is speeding! A cap may be better.

The excursion was definitely one of the top experiences of our trip to Mauritius, however, we were hugely under prepared. Ensure you take everything along that you will need and you will have an incredible time. ENJOY!

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