Joe’s Beerhouse: Windhoek’s Most Famous Restaurant

Having grown up in Southern Namibia, I’ve heard about Joe’s Beerhouse for YEARS! Unfortunately, the last time I was in Windhoek I was underage so there was no partying in the capital.

A local favourite for its “fine eating” not “fine dining”, Joe’s Beerhouse was firmly secured on my “to do” list while visiting the Namibian capital a few weeks ago.

The Great Escape

Started in 1991, before being sold to current owners five years ago, Joe’s Beerhouse had 2 previous locations before settling in Mandela Avenue in central Windhoek.

Joe’s prides itself on great food and an even better vibe, making it accessible to both tourists and locals alike.

Mr John and I headed to the famous, quirky restaurant while in town and this is what we discovered:


Inside Joe’s Beerhouse

Filled with trinkets, road signs, bottles, nets and what I call “desert souvenirs”; personal possessions seemingly lost in the desert forever, Joe’s Beerhouse is built like a village. Room after room, archway after archway, courtyard after courtyard, the restaurant lives up to its slogan, “a great escape” as guests navigate their way through the African wonderland to their table.

With a keen focus on delicious German-Namibian comfort food, great company, and good vibes, Joe’s Beerhouse can serve up to 500 covers in a night. With multiple seating areas around a centralized sports bar, Joe’s a great place to gather in small or large groups.


A Must Try!

Looking for something local?

Try Kleiner Keiler; a delicious, local cherry flavoured liquor that tastes very similar to Cherry Fizz pop lollipops. They are absolutely divine and add a touch a fun to your gathering…just make sure you don’t have too many of them or your morning will be losing a touch of fun!

For local beer, give Tafel a go. Brewed under the old German brewing laws which are still upheld in Namibia today, Tafel is a lighter than usual beer (4%) and contains no sugar.

For food, you’ve gotta have the Eisbein (pork knuckle) with sauerkraut.

What’s For Supper

Being a former Namibian colony, German cuisine influences many of the dishes in Namibia. Coupled with a strong focus on meat, Joe’s Beerhouse is a meat lover’s paradise. Anything from ribs, steaks, schnitzels and kebabs can be found on the menu.

We found beef to be quite rare on the Gondwana Collection resort menus, with most of the meat being more game focussed. As glamorous as gemsbok fillet, kudu Goulash and springbok bolognaise can be, sometimes you just want a comforting and familiar dish. We were delighted when we were able to order a beautiful beef steak at Joe’s and just have a bit of ‘normalcy’ in our holiday eating.

Along with the steak, I opted in for an eisbein; a popular favourite at Joe’s and definitely one of the best I’ve eaten. Served with mustard and sauerkraut, it’s Namibian food at its best. I paired this with Namibia’s finest: Tafel Lager. Since Mr John doesn’t drink, he had a chocolate brownie and ice cream.


Final Thoughts

I’d love to return to Joe’s during the day so that I could see the restaurant even better. Not to say that it wasn’t well lit; there is just SO much detail in the decor. Far more than the eye can take in upon one visit. I will definitely be back to Joe’s Beerhouse in the future and I hope you will reserve your table when you’re in Windhoek as well.

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 160 Nelson Mandela Ave, Windhoek, Namibia.
  • Contact: +264 61 232 457


Thanks to Joe’s Beerhouse for having us!





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