I feel a smidge sorry when I think about the Namib Desert Lodge for 2 main reasons. 1) Our stay at the Namib Dune Star camp was so wonderful that I’ve stopped blogging about Namibia in total! 2) I didn’t give it the attention it deserved because I was too busy focussing on the Namib Dune Star Camp and getting to Sossusvlei.

Namib Desert Lodge

The Namib Desert Lodge actually ended up surprising us with it’s unusual location and incredible lighting. While there may not be tons of activities at the hotel, it does offer the unusual experience of hiking up fossilized dunes! Upon doing so, we found the colours of the valley to be truly exceptional.

The lodge offers 65 rooms at the bottom of beautiful fossilized dunes. While not immediately obvious from a distance, up close the vibrant red mounds tell a story of just how long the Namib has been “alive” and transforming over hundreds of years.

Guests are welcome to hike up the dunes or take walks along the paths in the shadow of the dunes. We did so on one evening, running into locals playing football which brought this remote location to life.

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Top Features of Namib Desert Lodge

  • Beautiful views and activities on deep red fossilized dunes.
  • Close to Sesriem and alternative accommodation for Sossusvlei.
  • Check-in for Namib Dune Star Camp.
  • Beautiful sunsets in the heart of the mountainous valley.
  • Two lovely pools, modern dining room and food.

Here’s my 6C review:

Namib Desert Lodge Review

Comfortable Bed (Get a good night’s rest)

I actually found the Namib Desert Lodge to offer some of the most modern design in the Gondwana Collection, offering unique soft furnishings and comfortable beds. The amenities are standard and there was a tiny amount of data reception – more so than at any of the other Gondwana Lodges.


Our rooms were very clean, we had no issues here at all.

Counterspace (Bathroom)

Counterspace was at a minimum in this hotel room, with no real place to do one’s makeup in the bathroom. This bathroom was functional only, however, the strength of the shower water was very good (and appreciated after staying at Namib Dune Star which only has a one hit wonder weak shower). The toilet though though, EISH. Make of it what you will!

Charging Stations

Our room had a tea and coffee table which allowed us to plug in our charging station and go. We had bedside tables next to our beds, however, most of the charging was done from the tea table.


The Namib Desert Lodge did offer some of the better internet reception out of the group, but at this stage of the trip we were firmly tucked into our map book, played games offline on our phones and read my Kindle. If you would like to do some research though, the reception can assist you with connecting to the wifi.


The rooms at Namib Desert Lodge are functional and comfortable. This hotel is for short stays only with not many activities available on site. After trying to reach Sossusvlei and our car not coping, we returned to the hotel and drank cocktails by the beautiful crystal blue glittery pools, of which the hotel offers two.

My cocktail was very tasty and I was very happy (and when I say very happy I mean the cocktail helped dry my “I can’t believe we’ve come all the way near Sossusvlei and can’t get there!” tears).

The dining room was also one of the more modern eateries, with bright green walls and the staff who serenaded us on the night! The food was also good, but very expensive for locals (R350 per person).

To Keep In Mind

Bring Peaceful Sleep: I’m still not sure how or why but this location had quite a few mozzies. We had Peaceful Sleep which worked a charm though so it may be good to bring some along for yourself.

Bring Hiking Shoes: Exploring the fosselized dunes really was something special. I loved looking at all the rocks, that used to be sand, as bird duck and dove against the vibrant red wall.

Dining Room: The food at the Namib Desert Lodge was lovely but it can run out. Be sure to visit early for dinner to get the best, particularly at R350 per person. Light lunches are available from the restaurant until 4pm.

Dining Room Bar: The bar at the Namib Desert is nicely made and offers a decent collection of liquor. This is an easy place to sit and relax for a post dinner drink.

Final Impression

The Namib Desert Lodge offers alternative accommodation for those wanting to visit Sossusvlei, however, if you do not have a 4×4 don’t even try to get there! We attempted to get there and we didn’t even get 10kms down the road in my Corsa.

We saw some people had visited in a Polo but they are rental cars (which means users don’t care whether they come back in one piece or not!). So if you own your sedan, I wouldn’t recommend it.

In this way, the Namib Desert Lodge saved our butts because we were very disheartened at not being able to reach the famous location. Of course, we didn’t know this at the time of booking, so if you are going to visit this area make sure you are in a 4×4.

We had a pleasant stay at the Namib Desert Lodge and feel it’s a great way to break up the journey for a night or two if you are looking to relax with no interruptions.

Thank you to the Gondwana Collection for having us to stay.

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