Magic at Namib Dune Star Camp

Namib Dune Star Camp is an incredible travel experience that sees guests being whisked into the heart of the Namib desert for a night under the stars.

Guests stay in a single roomed, prefab house scattered among the dunes. Sundowners and dinner are enjoyed from the main lodge, with guests walking back to their cabins mid-evening to settle beneath the stars.

The “camp” offers 8 rooms with a queen sized bed and one single bed (triple rooms). Each cabin is en suite and includes a private porch overlooking the dunes.

It is not compulsory to sleep outside! But should guests wish to look at the sky, they are able to roll out their beds onto the large patio and sleep under the incredible Namibian sky – some of the clearest skies in the world.

In the morning, guests can enjoy a guided morning walk to view footprints from the animals who passed in the night (hyena, jackale, gemsbok, etc.) as well as learn about the Namibian vegetation. All guests are then picked up and taken back to the Namib Desert Lodge to continue their journey through Namibia.

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Top Features of Namib Dune Star

  • Being escorted to a remote and beautiful location in a Namib Dune Star truck.
  • Sleeping under the stars in a warm and snuggly bed.
  • Intimate setting with a one night only limit that allows for special occasions (#EngagementCentral!)
  • Views across the Namib desert and a walk around with a guide to learn more.
  • Incredible, pollution-free golden, peachy sunsets! This light is real!


Here’s my 6C review:

Namib Dune Star Lodge Review

Comfortable Bed (Get a good night’s rest)

Beds at the Namib Dune Star are unlike anything else. Large, comfortable and snuggly, the room has one large queen sized bed on wheels which are rolled out the double doors and onto the porch. Guests can literally sleep under the huge, dark Namibian skies and watch the Milky Way, satellite and shooting stars fly by.


Our room was very clean, however, guests will have to show some leniency towards the location. The rooms are LITERALLY in the middle of dunes, which means dust and sand is part and parcel of the experience. Having said that, our sheets and bathroom (my two biggest “must be clean” areas) were extremely clean – as clean as a location like this can allow!

Counterspace (Bathroom)

The bathroom is small and is comprised of a loo, basin and shower. Showers are to be used sparingly and allow for one shower in, either, the evening or the morning. A small vanity pack was also included, which hadn’t been offered at any of the other Gondwana Collection venues. It was much appreciated.

The bathroom counter is small but allows for toiletries to be used comfortably. Namib Dune Star really isn’t about glamour so not much space was needed.

Charging Stations

Each cabin has electricity (lights), but they do not have plug points to charge equipment. We, therefore, took our camera batteries and charged them off the main house during our dinner session. There’s absolutely no signal of any kind nor internet so there’s not much you could do with your electronics anyway. Plus, it’s just one night so it’s easy enough to forget them.


There is absolutely no internet or mobile reception of any kind.


Although Namib Dune Star is very remote, guests are well taken care of. Drink is available for sundowners and dinner is prepared for you. (A couple got engaged the night we visited and they had their own little private table outside and a big fire, the staff really made it special for them.)

If you’re a bit peckish in the night (we weren’t), there is a jar of rusks and coffee mugs. Coffee is also dropped off, on your doorstep, early in the morning should you wish to wake up and watch the sunrise from your outside bed.

The rooms are basic, but very comfortable. Two chairs are also provided, which can be moved out to the porch if you’d like to sit outside in the great outdoors.

The shower didn’t have a lot of water but did the trick. If you’re staying at the Namib Desert Lodge, it’s easy enough to just wait and shower there if you want to relax and take your time.


To Keep In Mind

Bring Pajamas: Hey! If you want to go commando in the dark, fair enough! But the cabins are within sight of one another so you may want to dress appropriately if you want to sleep outside.

Last SMS: There is absolutely no reception at Namib Dune Star to be sure to message your family before going into the desert so they don’t worry about you if they haven’t heard from you!

Charge Your Camera: Because each cabin doesn’t have electricity, charge your cameras and mobiles up as much as possible before leaving so that you can shoot timelapses, videos and take photos without having to charge them too much at the main house.

Bring Medication: If you have a medical condition, make sure you are well equipped. This area is very remote; while the Namib Dune Star hosts do have walkie talkies (radios) it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

Wear Shoes: Of  course you can run around in the sand if you want but I always recommend closed shoes because there are termites, scorpions and snakes about so being cautious is best advised.

Final Impression

The Namib Dune Star is an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy meeting other guests as everyone gathers for sundowners around 6pm. While the chef cooks dinner you can watch the sun set and stars rise. The food is great and we had an excellent time getting to know the other guests. All in all, there are only about 20 places or so.

If you have the chance to visit, absolutely do. We loved seeing the thousands of stars and enjoying the great, great outdoors.

Thank you to the Gondwana Collection for having us to stay.

We look forward to visiting again in the future!

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