A Touch of Old Hollywood: the Thule Hotel

The Thule Hotel is hotel on the hilltops of Windhoek. The winding roads to the top afford absolutely beautiful view and as the palm trees sprinkle you with zig-zag shapes, it feels like you’re tucked away somewhere in Hollywood.

Mr John arrived after a stressful visit to Etosha and it was the dream that we needed. A large, extremely clean room, giant bathroom, a beautiful restaurant and views to make us forget our troubles. It was an absolute pleasure to stay at the Thule Hotel. Here’s my regular 6 C’s Review:


Comfortable Bed (Get a good night’s rest)

The Thule Hotel was an absolute saviour when it came to sleeping! We’d had such a horrible night, two nights before, that we were really exhausted by the time we got to Windhoek. Although these were separate beds, Mr John has sleep apnea and loves to kick and point and go nuts in his bed. So sometimes the bed night’s rest is when you can hand hands and turn over! The sheets were very clean, the beds were soft but not too soft and we slept very well.



Cleanliness is something you’re spoilt with if you live in Africa. Having housekeepers is affordable and makes for higher standards of living. The Thule Hotel was no exception, with everything in the room being incredible clean including loo handles, door handles, taps, sinks and drains. The carpets were well vacuumed as well as the cupboards very clean. Even the windows were clean!

Counterspace (Bathroom)

The bathroom at Thule Hotel was like another bedroom. Honestly, a couple could have stayed in there! There was a large floor space as well as large countertops that provided more than enough space for me to do my makeup without hesitation.

The bathroom tiles were a little outdated, but not so much so that you didn’t feel comfortable. There was enough hot water, despite being a drought. We, however, we quite water conscious having come from Cape Town.

Charging Stations

Again, our actual room at Thule was extremely large. It was akin to a bachelor pad – in fact, bigger than ones we’ve stayed in in London! They had LOADS of space including cupboards to store bags, countertops for laptops and charging stations, a coffee table and even a small lounge area. MORE than enough space for us to charge all our technology and catch up on work mails.


Praise be! Internet that works! While you might be up high on the hill in Windhoek, our SIMs worked perfectly well and if I recall correctly, Mr John had no issues connecting with the hotel wifi either. After quite a stressful trip, it was great just to lie in bed and watch some YouTube. We started to feel human again! If you need to work from the hotel, this shouldn’t be any issue at all.

Conveniences (fridges, services, etc.)

While the hotel did not offer a 5 star service in terms of conveniences, their offerings were personal and had been thought out well. A hairdryer, soaps and towels in the bathroom. A TV and wifi in the room including TV guides and instruction manuals. A mini bottle of red wine, a few chocolates and 2 glasses had been left in the room. It didn’t take us too long to sit down and kick back!


Final Impression

The Thule Hotel has the most beautiful hotel in Windhoek. With round, curved windows, white tables clothes, a grand wine collection and delicious food, it really is a lovely place to visit. We could see other young couples on romantic dates, families sharing special occasions and regulars stopping by for guaranteed quality. But more about that later…

The staff at the hotel are also really professional, personable and kind. We loved talking to them and learning about their lives in Namibia (asked my us, not put on by over-familiar staff). We’d be happy to stay at Thule Hotel again.

Thank you so much to Wolfgang and Rose for their wonderful hospitality! We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Book via the Thule Hotel contact page or call 00264 61 371 950.

Top tip: often has great specials on the hotel! It’s a keeper so make sure to book while you can! 



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