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City Living at the Capital Hotel & Apartments

I can feel the soft carpet on the soles of my feet as I watch the clouds drift over Table Mountain. As the clouds mould in the sky, shadows and pockets of light interchange across the city. The floor to ceiling windows make staring at nature’s display very easy on the eye, silence inside as palm trees sway in the wind outside.

Our Executive suite with Mountain View is large and incredibly comfortable. The lounge area in black, whites and charcoals, with minimal furnishings, offer a modern and comfortable stay. Glass table, desk counter and arching lamp, it’s one of those rare hotel rooms that makes you want to stay inside.

The king-sized bed is away faces a second television screen, allowing TV to be watched from in bed or from the lounge area.

The en suite bathroom includes one of the best hotel showers we’ve had to date, as well as bath and his and hers sinks. Thoughtfully branded toiletries add a touch of warm and comfort for travellers visiting the Capital Hotel and Apartments in Cape Town city.

Room Service

There’s a knock on the door. I jump to attention and skip down towards the heavy door. Room service has arrived with a huge tray of food and drinks. Skeptical of hotel food, I was weary of what we may find, but this looks delicious!

I’m proven correct when the crunchy, icicles of the Pina colada slide down my throat before I tuck into warm, gooey croquettes made of mash potato! Béchamel has been ruling the day for far too long and these are amazing, particularly with the touch of fresh parsley.

Room service was incredibly easy to order due to the hotel’s QR code in the room and subsequent website. All the details of the starters, mains, desserts and drinks are available on the menu, allowing as much (or little) time that you need to make a choice.

Sitting cross-legged on the large charcoal couch, we log into Netflix and start a show to entertain us while we tuck into our food. On day two, we ordered dinner and had the most delicious roast chicken! Made for one, but absolutely fit for two or even three! No one is going hungry at the Capital Hotel and Apartments.

Summer Time Swimming

The hotel pool has garnered a reputation, within the city bowl residents, as the place to be in summer time. Guests outside the hotel are welcome to visit and use the facilities, on the condition that food or drink orders are made at the bar.

Waiting for summer bodies to return, the wide deck has a number of loungers to enjoy the semi-rooftop swimming pool. With Table Mountain up the road, the South African sun and blue skies – it’s a tempting festive location.

Easy Living

The light is fading outside as we decide to take a stroll down to Long street. With the Capital Hotel and Apartments just around the bend from the famous nightlight street, it’s a no brainer to “test the system”. Our room feels safe and secure as we step out into the dark, blue lit hallways.

The soft sounds of Amapiano waft through from the hotel lounge, setting a youthful progressive feel. The fashionistas checking-in reinforce this culture; the Capital Hotel and Apartments are here for the future of South Africa. Great service, chic decor and spacious rooms for those on tour. Clearly, the hotel is a trusted service for those looking for a particular level of glamour.

An Italian family steps out of the elevator as we take our turn to sink towards ground floor. Our car is parked in the hotel garage, with an access ticket for just R65, that lasts for the weekend – saving us the inconvenience of having to pay each time we enter and exit.

My Hotel By Night

Normally, we wouldn’t recommend visitors walk to their hotels at night, however, lockdown has filled the streets with jovial party goers and we decide to nip up the road since the top of Long street is well lit. With 2 petrol stations in close vicinity, the reception door is easily accessed and we arrive safely back at the hotel after a 2 minute walk.

Mornings at Capital Hotel and Apartments

The block out curtains ensure we have a deep, long sleep and only stir when we naturally wake. Opening the curtains, again, the beautiful colours shifting across the city bowl offer a type of “defrost” therapy for those sluggish risers like ourselves.

We’ve heard the breakfast at the hotel is one for the books and the promise of more delicious food gets us out the door. With a few other guests scattered, the buffet is huge – certainly for COVID times where these luxuries are no longer taken for granted.

Full egg station, waffle station, cooked breakfasts (mushrooms, potatoes, sausages, bacon, etc) as well as fruit, baked goods, cereals, juices, cheeses, yoghurts, it was all there. The only thing missing was gluten-free bread, so I unfortunately had no toast with my fry up. (The chef did apologise as their baker was OOO.)

Final Impression

Having visited this building in the past for receptions and events, it always lacked a strong enough energy for me to want to return. Since the 15 on Orange has been taken over by the Capital Hotel and Apartments it feels vibrant without being banged up (some hotels are very well used!).

We would happily stay at this hotel again and appreciate the kind and professional service we received during our stay. Located in Gardens, it really is well located and would suit any visitors looking for a long or short term visit.

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Thank you to the Capital Hotel and Apartments for furnishing this stay.

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