Celebrating Spring at the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

If you’re looking for a hotel in the heart of Franschhoek that makes navigating the town super easy, look no further than the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel. A wonderfully stylish, small hotel in the heart of Franschhoek will make any couple’s weekend away super convenient due to its central location to both the town as a whole and the wine tram.

Top Features of the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

  • Right in the heart of Franschhoek.
  • Easy access to the wine tour tram.
  • Delicious breakfast included.
  • Stylish rooms that makes your stay feel special.
  • Lovely views towards the mountains.
  • Polite service.

Welcome to The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

The rooms are small by South African standards, but pack a serious punch. Although it was misty on the day we arrived, the morning boasted beautiful views across the valley. Here is my “6 C” review of the hotel:

Comfortable Bed

Because I was feeling rather miserable when I arrived (flu hating), I was reaching the end of my tether and feeling a bit down about going away. Upon arrival though, we were warmly welcomed and immediately felt at home in our Palm room, so much so that I had a 20 minute nap as soon as I’d put my things down.

The bed was large and extremely comfortable and I woke up feeling like things might be ok thanks to the blackout curtains which blocked out the light and noise from the road below. The bed itself was also very cosy.


The most important aspect of staying in hotel is cleanliness. While I am very comfortable in humble surroundings, traces of other people are a deal breaker for me; yet I’m pleased to say that the FBH is potentially the cleanest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in.

From the usual finger marks on the toilet flush, hairs in plug holes, dribbles on the shower walls, blotches on mirrors and marks on glass – there was NOT A SPOT or human trace in sight. 

Clean, clean, clean! I can’t reiterate enough just how impeccably well kept our hotel room was at the FBH. More so, Mr John showered on Saturday morning and when I checked (in the afternoon) the shower had been cleaned to perfection again. Well done to the FBH staff.

Counter Space

When you’re staying in a hotel it can throw out your beauty routine. Ensuring you have enough counter space to counteract the change adds to the convenience of staying in a hotel.

The FBH had a well appointed bathroom with full sized bath, shower and lavatory. The counter space, however, was a little on the short side. There was, however, a large desk in the main room in front of a large well lit mirror, which I used to do my makeup.

Charging Stations

The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel room was well kitted out with the necessary plug points to charge our electronics. Not only was there a plug at the desk that allowed us to charge our laptops, but there were USB ports next to the bed as well, which allowed easy charging while tucked up.


I was impressed the attention to detail in our hotel room. Everything had been thought of, including:

  • Complimentary bottle of wine and sparkling water.
  • iPhone chargers next to the bed.
  • Healing Earth products (which included a Please do not remove sign. Clearly visitors love them!).
  • Wood for the fireplace.
  • Tea, coffee and a few biscuits.
  • Secured carpet – this seems an odd note, but a flapping carpet really is annoying. The hotel had secured theirs to the floor to ensure no one trips during their stay.
  • Chic kitchenette with cupboards for your suitcases, hangers and a safe.
  • The bathroom also has a lovely feature that allows visitors to slide open the wall to watch TV from the bath or close the door for more privacy.


The hotel is located right in the centre of Franschhoek so data and mobile reception was no issue. Mr John watched YouTube on his laptop with no issues, while I played games on my mobile. If you have online work to do, it shouldn’t be an issue from this hotel.

Breakfast at the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

After a great night’s rest we went downstairs for breakfast. The hotel offers a simple yet well thought out spread, which includes fresh fruit for the health-conscious to decadent eggs for the greedy like me 😉

Unfortunately, they misunderstood my order so I had to send it back. It literally took them 3 minutes to fix and return it – I’m not sure how quickly! But it was perfect the second time and I was happy – particularly because it was the prelude to a day of wine tasting!

Final Impression

Mr John and I spent the day at the Franschhoek Wine Tram  before returning to the village for dinner. We continued our stay in Franschhoek, with friends, quite late into the night.

Once we returned to the hotel I had a pang of sorry when I realised how lovely our room was and how we’d been out the whole day!

Book at the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel is well a appointed and located hotel for couples who would like to spend a special weekend away in the heart of the famous wine village.

Room rates range from R2925 for single occupancy and R4500 per couple during peak season. Visit the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel for their rates and availability.

Book via the website, e-mail reservations@lionroars.com or call +27 (0)21 424 1530.

Thank you to the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel for having us. We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend the hotel to anyone looking for a special weekend away. 

We were not paid for our review, however, our stay was garnished by The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel. All views are my own and have not been docked in any way.

Since Our Stay…


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