Penguin Encounters for Guests of Tintswalo at Boulders

If there’s one thing that the Tintswalo Lodges get right time and time again, is location, location, location. No matter HOW many times we hear this, whether for our own property purchases or business endeavors, there are very few brands who consistently get this right. Tintswalo is one of those brands.

Starting with their incredible Tintswalo Atlantic hotel (which will be rising again this spring!) to their latest offering in Simon’s Town, the Tintswalo group grabs your soul from the moment you step out your vehicle.

Their latest edition, Tintswalo at Boulders, is a luxury, seaside villa that offers 180 degree views across False Bay and private access to Cape Town’s famous African penguins on Boulder’s beach. The villa offers bed & breakfast for 6 luxury suites, which makes it perfect to book exclusively for a large group, or alternatively in smaller units.


Top Features of the Tintswalo Boulders

  • Location, location, location.
  • Access to penguins on famous Boulder’s beach.
  • Delicious breakfast included as well as afternoon snacks.
  • Tasteful rooms with high quality modern amenities.
  • Great for families or couples.
  • Private chef available upon request.


Our Visit to Tintswalo at Boulders

Mr John and I visited at the start of winter and had the most incredible stay. I loved the soft furnishings – the way that it feels luxurious, yet personable. The finer details that add personality without feeling “lived in” and the tranquility that the villa offers.

On our stay, we left to attend a wedding in Kalk Bay just around the corner. As wonderful as the wedding was, it was somewhat of a pity to have left the house (for any amount of time), simply because it is so relaxing and feels so special.

We stayed in the Drommedaris suite, which is a dream mini break venue thanks to how comfortable the room is as well as the views across False Bay (#penguins). Here’s my 6 C review of the gorgeous Tintswalo Boulders boutique hotel:

Comfortable Bed

Praise be the hotels that provide queen or king sized beds! Personal space is a deal breaker when staying out of home and the Tintswalo at Boulders didn’t disappoint. Pillows for days for the husband with sleep apnoea (and wife who can cover her ears 😉 ) and enough space for two actual adults to sleep effortlessly.

We could hear the wind gliding over the roof in the evening, but a concerted effort seems to have been made to ensure nothing rattles, which is another no-no for me. Having grown up sleeping over on my grandmother’s balcony in Fish Hoek, I know how strong the wind can be in that area, yet we slept soundly.



This room was spotless. We felt like the very first guests and that’s exactly how I like it. From the en suite bathroom to the fireplace, glass doors, handles, counter tops and linen, it was all exceptionally clean. 5 stars.

Counter Space

Often visitors stay in hotels to attend a wedding or another occasion, just as we did. This means that guests are out of their routine and need ample space to get ready. Apart from the room having a lounge (enough space), the bathroom had ample space for all our products (including draws and cupboards). There was also a mirror on the dresser for those looking to do their makeup with more natural light in the room.


Charging Stations

While we always travel with our own plugs, there were enough plug points in the room to keep our laptops, iPhones and cameras charged. As it were, we were determined to relax and not do any work, the room did include a writing desk, which was the perfect spot for our electronics.


Bar having an actual chef living with you, Tintswalo at Boulders has everything a room could possibly want. Not only is there a small lounge with fireplace, but extra blankets, television, bureau, mini fridge, settee, art chairs, the lot.

Full transparency: because the boutique hotel was originally a house each room has a slightly different offering. This can be an advantage for those travelling with kids (downstairs area with large room and fully kitted out sleeping quarters for kids), upstairs suites for more privacy, darker rooms for those wanting to sleep late (although the black out curtains were perfect in our room), etc.

We were fortunate enough to stay over in the Drommedaris Room, which is my favourite room as it’s quite self contained. It also has incredible views across the bay and access to the pool. Yes, there’s also a pool. 🙂




Not only is connectivity not an issue at the hotel (as you’re within the confines of Simon’s Town) the house also gives you access to the penguins! Not usually what I mean when I reference “connectivity”, but there was no way I could exclude how easy it is to access the charming penguins from the house.

In fact, they were sleeping in the driveway shrubbery when we arrived home from the wedding. They were SO cute! (But always check under your car before driving off as it’s likely they’ve crept underneath.)


Breakfast Included

Guest can all enjoy a balcony breakfast in the Tintswalo at Boulders village. Chef on site to cook perfectly made egg Benedict (no egg whites please!) as well as a continental breakfast spread. Defrost to the sound of penguins tooting, the waves crashing and the cool breeze gliding past, perfection.



Final Impression

The Tintswalo at Boulders Boutique Villa really does offer the most beautiful holiday accommodation for short or long term, small or large groups. It’s incredible special to be able to see the penguins up close as well as take in the views across the bay. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a real break from the city (it’s not close to the city bowl) where fine wine and a good books is what you have up your sleeve.

Tintswalo at Boulder’s Rates

Rooms range from R2500 to R5000 per suite, per night in high season (depending on the size of the room). There are also low season rates which make it perfect for local visitors to sneak in a weekend away before high season kicks off in the Mother City. Full more information on the rates, visit their rates page for more particular details.

To Book:

  • To book, call 0027 11 300 888 or e-mail or
  • Alternatively, use their contact page to complete the form. (Group booking rates to be confirmed via e-mail.)
  • Reference: Boring Cape Town Chick

Thank you to Tintswalo at Boulders for the exceptional night away.

Find the hotel at 7 Gay Road, Simon’s Town, Cape Town.




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