Ivy Apartments: Self-Catering Perfection in the Heart of Franschhoek

  1. Ivy Apartments: Self-Catering Perfection in the Heart of Franschhoek
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  5. Pet Friendly Convenience at the Ivy Apartments in Franschhoek

I can’t help but squeal when I see the large baboon sitting on the rooftop come Sunday morning. Much of Saturday afternoon was spend sitting on the upstairs balcony sipping sipping wine and heartily lauging about the week’s events. Had the baboon been eaves-dropping all this time above the Ivy Apartments,? We’ll never know…

Ivy Apartments in Franschhoek

The crisp winter air doesn’t keep us outside for a moment longer when the shadows lay upon us. The soothing sun has been a luxurious treat in the, usually, rainy Franschhoek valley during winter. The apartment is one of 9 self-catering luxury flats located right in the centre of Franschhoek, literally 20 meters from the main road. While a large building, the complex is discretely tucked around the corner from the Franschhoek chocolate shop and pharmacy.

The Ivy Apartments reached out to me a few months ago and kindly invited myself and friends to come and stay over for an evening. Only a mad man would say no to a night in Franschhoek! So off we trotted, down the road, for a lovely winter’s night away.

We invited our friends, Kevin and Pia, to join us for a low-key evening in the heart of the winelands. Here’s my 6 C review of the Ivy Apartments:

Comfortable Bed (Get a good night’s rest)

Out of the 9 apartments we stayed in premium apartment 2, with two bedrooms. Ours was a large, loft-style bedroom held above the kitchen. The other, a double bedroom neighbouring the kitchen. Both rooms had large beds although I believe upstairs was a king-sized bed. With an electric blanket, it was extremely cosy jumping into bed and snuggling in the cold, winter Franschhoek night air.


Always, my number 1 no-compromise rule in a hotel room, cleanliness. No fingers prints on the loo handles, no hair in the drains, no crumbs on the floor. The Ivy Apartments were extremely clean, definitely one of the cleanest venues I’ve stayed in. And that’s not an easy thing to do in a predominantly white apartment!
I found some red wine stains on the cow-hide carpet, but I don’t blame the cleaners if they couldn’t get those out. They’re tricky carpets to clean and are too beautiful (and expensive) to replace all the time.

Counterspace (Bathroom)

While the bathroom was a fair size, there wasn’t a large counter space. This was remedied by the inclusion of a vanity table, mirror and chair just outside the bathroom. Along with a large countertop that provided more than enough space for bits and bobs to be stored, I enjoyed doing my makeup in the morning using the natural light from outside the window (always better than bathroom light).
I’m not sure how well this would work night time though.

Charging Stations

The Ivy Apartment had a neat little desk in a beautifully light corner of the apartment. Located across an indoor wooden bridge, the desk offered a safe place to leave a laptop, charging point for uninterrupted working time and a chair. The apartment also offered limited free wifi, allowing freelancers to connect to the internet should they need to work while in Franschhoek.


The Ivy Apartments are located right in the center of Franchhoek so mobile reception was no issue. Having said that, they still offered wifi for visitors to use during their stay should they not have a South African sim card. We had perfect reception the entire time we were there.

Conveniences (fridges, services, etc.)

The Ivy Apartment had everything one would need from a self-catering apartment, including a fresh bag of ice, Nespresso machine, wine opener, wine glasses and a dustbin. The apartment also had a balcony which was convenient for those who wanted to smoke. And SOME of the apartments are even pet friendly! We couldn’t figure out how to get out the sliding door to the courtyard though, but they do advertise that small pets are allowed which is amazing!

Final Impression

Dare I say it…but the Ivy Apartments may very well have been my favourite accommodation location in Franschhoek. PHEW! That’s crazy because I have honestly stayed in some AMAZING locations. But the Ivy Apartments really just had that touch of something special that made it very special, from the style, location and feel; it’s aligned with what I find comfortable and homey.

Ranging from R1800 to R2500 per night, the apartments are great value for money – particularly when split between two couples (think R625 per person for accommodation RIGHT on Franschhoek main road). Bargain.

Thank you SO much to the Ivy Apartments for having us. I hope to see you again SOON!

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