Cosy Up on a 335 Year Old Wine Farm In Paarl: D’Olyfboom

Paarl is not a place I know much about. It’s not very far from Cape Town, yet I never hear people talking about it or wanting to visit. Earlier this year, Mr John and I were invited to stay at D’Olyfboom Estate off the high street of Paarl. The farm was created in 1683! That’s more than 335 years ago! So we packed our bags and headed out for the weekend to explore what Paarl has to offer.

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D’Olfyboom Guest Room Accommodation

D’Olyfboom comprises of 6 luxury guest rooms on the old estate. Perfect for conferences either taking place on location or within Paarl. Also great for family get aways or getting ready for your wedding. Here’s my 6 C’s review:

My Six “C” Review

My 6 “C’s” refer to the 6 elements that influence my stay at a hotel. This includes:

  1. Charging Stations
  2. Comfortable Bed
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Counter Space
  5. Connectivity
  6. Conveniences

Here’s how the D’Olyfboom faired:

Charging Stations

Excellent! This room had a desk which is pretty much all you really need to set up your content creating tech. Laptop chargers, iPhones and digital cameras were all happily laid to recharge overnight. If I recall correctly, they also had a plug next to the bed so I could keep my phone next to me while the other tech charged on the desk. 4/5

Comfortable Bed

Yes, yes, yes! I’m 5’10” and Mr John is 5’11”. We are big people and we like our space. This bed was an excellent size with beautiful, crisp, clean linen. I was extremely warm and slept very well. Mr John likes lots of pillows and this bed satisfied his preference. 5/5


This hotel room was exceptionally clean. What do I mean by that? Window sills were clean. Slates indoors were clean. Rails were clean. Floors were clean – including behind the bathroom door. No hair in the sink. No fingerprints on the metal handles. Clean, clean, clean! There must never be any trace of previous visitors and this room was exceptionally clean. I could feel it in the carpets if I can put it that way! 5/5

Counter Space

The bathroom counter space was a little more scarce. While the bathroom was big and well equipped (two sinks, bath, shower, separate loo), heated towel rails, there wasn’t a lot of space for me to put my things out.

There were, however, enough storage shelve, but it’s a bit tricky to do your makeup with half the things underneath! I didn’t exactly struggle, but surface space was limited. 3/5


We had absolutely no issue connecting to the internet here and it included free wifi. So connect away! As it were, we didn’t really need it as our stay was rather brief, but it’s good to know that it’s available, particularly because going away often means no catching up on work. Sometimes, it’s good to go to a place where you can catch up and I’d recommend D’Olyfboom for that, no problem.


There were many conveniences at D’Olyfboom. From the porch out front offering beautiful views across the valley with a huge lawn and oak tree for kids to run around, to a tiered garden outback with swimming pool, perfect for those scorching hot Paarl afternoons. The back also has benches for afternoon visits against the backdrop of the mountain.

Inside, fresh towels, toiletries, a long mirror and a HUGE cupboard is available for use. I can see this being an excellent wedding “get ready” location. There was also a fridge with water inside.

Breakfast is Served

Breakfast is included and can be enjoyed at the estate’s tea room, again, a very clean, welcoming ‘restaurant’ with kind and friendly service.

D’Olyfboom Last Thoughts

All and all, the D’Olyfboom far exceeded our expectations. We were expecting a far more rustic environment and were really taken aback by the classy, timeless decor, well-appointed amenities and luxurious finishes.

I highly recommend this accommodation option. Prices start from R1700 per room, per night. Feel free to contact them directly or make a reservation on for D’Olyfboom on

Thank you to the D’Olyfboom for having us!

Safe travels and don’t forget, “Got the passports?”

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