1. Bergsicht’s New Piece of Heaven: Leticia Cabin
  2. Stormy Haven at Spanish Farm Guest Lodge

“Wait! Wait! Wait! I can see a frog. Hold up! Just wait a minute.” Relying on the ultra white light of my iPhone I turn in a 180 degree angle to search for others. Feet glued to the glistening, wet planks leading to the front door. “Nothing, nothing, nothing. With the coast clear.” I swing back to take my next step.


“Oh my days! Oh no! It felt like a leaf. Was it a leaf? Tell me it was a leaf?” Al-John, looking up at me directly, “It wasn’t a leaf.”

“Oh nooooo! FWOGGY!!!! I’m so sorry! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it!”

Moaning all the way indoors and feeling positively awful, I slide off my sneakers. I definitely can’t wear them inside now and I wouldn’t want to in this cosy villa. The warmth from the underfloor heating creeps up through my socks as I make my way to the lounge.

“Why?! Why on earth did that just happen?! How can I LOOK for frogs only to stand on a frog?! That is definitely one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me, in my whole life!”

Al-John kneels down to relight the indoor fire as I plop down on the leather couch, grabbing a blankie. The porch lights are on, illuminating the rain drops dripping from the trellis like welder’s sparks falling to the floor. It’s been raining for two days and Somerset West is absolutely flooded, but we’re warm and cozy in our tubular villa for the evening.

Suddenly, something grabs my attention through the front door.

“Wait, what?”

Standing up and moving closer. “It’s a genet! A genet! A genet has grabbed the frog! It’s come for snacks!”

The circle of life playing out right in front of our very eyes at the exquisite Spanish Farm.

Part of the Raw Africa Boutique Collection, the guest lodge is perched high up on the Hottentot Holland mountainside in Somerset West. With seven suites (1 x Guesthouse with 3 rooms; 1 x Rose Cottage; 1 x Honeymoon Villa; 1 x Ground Floor Studio and 3 x 2 bedroom Villas), it’s the perfect blend of contemporary, modern design and indigenous surrounds.

With a large walk in cupboard, it lays mostly bare except for our small suitcases. For any bridal party looking for ample hanging space, full length mirror or drawers for delicate accessories, this cupboard is for you.

With an open plan bathroom this suite is best for a close couple. With large bath, his and hers sinks and indoor shower that opens onto the garden, it’s the perfect romantic breakaway. With access to some of the Cape’s most famous wine estates (Lourensford, Waterkloof and Idiom), the Spanish Farm Guest Lodge combines easy winelands exploration and convenient shopping in the valley below.

With a complimentary bottle of red wine, candles, firewood, sparkling water, tissues and face cloths in the bathroom, the small attention to detail makes guests feel most welcome.

On night two, once the trauma of squashing a frog has passed along with the lightning, I pulled on my gumboots and braved the icy air and damp grounds. The natural swimming pool is beautiful with lilies highlighted in the pond lighting, tadpoles swimming and dozens (and I mean DOZENS) of frogs all lining the pool sides – both inside and out. What a magical pool!

In the morning we awake in our large, soft and cosy bed to views across the valley. Finally, the clouds are starting to part and the blue skies of Gordon’s Bay shine through the garden. Snow decorates the glorious mountain peaks as the clouds dapple light across the range.

While there is a hot tub on site, it was too dangerous to use due to the storm (lightening), but we didn’t miss it at all and were perfectly happy inside for the bulk of our visit.

DSTV (satellite TV) is also available, but we didn’t really bother as we focused our attentions on cooking in the kitchen and listening to the sounds of the rain and crackling fire.

With block out curtains, Weber on deck and broad sliding doors, this apartment-style villa could easily be used for short or longer stays for any couple looking to retreat from the noisy city.

Sounds of birds and nature all around, the Spanish Farm is one of our favourite hideaways we’ve visited to date and we would highly recommend it for any special occasion…or, in fact, any occasion! Find a reason to visit as it is absolutely gorgeous guest lodge – you won’t have any regrets.

Thank you to Spanish Farm for hosting us.

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