1. Luxury Mini Breaks at the Sandstone House Cottage
  2. Day Dreams at the White Sands Beach House
  3. Glittering Lagoon Views at The Lofts Boutique Hotel Knysna
  4. All Encompassing Minibreaks at Boschendal
  5. A Summer’s Dream at Brenaissance
  6. Log Cabin Perfection at Arum Lily Cottage: Cabin 2
  7. Luxury Dreams at Brookdale Estate Manor House

Red clusters. Purple clusters. Yellow clusters. Green clusters. Do plums come in so many colours? What are these? Half ripe? Loquats? I’m assuming plums, but I actually have no idea! The trees have been chopped back, but these ambitious fruits have no cares, they just keep growing. Why does the caged bird sing? Because it must. I have no idea if that’s what that book is about, but I’ve found that example very real in COVID times. It’s still summer and why are we away this weekend at Brenaissance? Because we must. And because we know how precious it is to be out of the apartment these days.


Empty Wedding Venues

Rates are down. Venues are empty. Soon the travellers will be back and our local access will disappear like years before. But Brenaissance feels slightly different. This is a venue made to give something to South Africa, not only take from it. This is reflected in the decoration at the farm’s local restaurant, The Farmer’s Pantry, and on the farm’s wine label. A touch of Ireland with the bulk South African. The food is impressive, but this post is about the accommodation and wedding venue, which we have, basically, all to ourselves. So enjoy these few pics while I get back to the topic at hand…

Brenaissance Wedding Venue and Stud Farm

The wedding chapel lies open as the 35-degree heat beats down in Stellenbosch. The little brook trickles by, a rushing river in winter I’m sure. The lawn is green and vibrant and the pool shimmers in light turquoise as we pass to our rooms. The car park is far away, but the chaperone is here with his wheely cart, making the delivery of bags super easy to each converted farm suite.

Brenaissance Self-Catering Orchard Suite – 2 Bedrooms

I am in love with the colour palette. Green, white, black, my heaven. Modern, simple, elegant, practical. It’s everything you’d want in a farm room and each room is en suite, making the fairly small quarters entirely livable for two adult couples.

The outside stoep (porch) also allows for extra living space, with Friday night’s braai area becoming the centre of all activities.

Each bedroom has a large cupboard for storage (great for wedding gowns and suits), a large table (for makeup) and a separate shower room (no bath).

High Summer Pool Days

On Saturday though, it’s all about being cool at the pool. It’s been a few weeks since the lockdown restrictions have been eased so swimming, drinking wine, lounging around in the hot weather all feels incredible. But make no mistake, Stellenbosch is HOT and you WILL burn – so be sure to bring your sunblock and sandals to avoid the warm wooden deck.

Final Impression

Brenaissance has a humble exterior, but a delicious interior. The fact we, basically, had the entire property to ourselves is a hotelier’s nightmare, but a dream come true for us because – what a splendid property! And it allowed us to take our photographs while the property was in pristine condition, a photographer’s dream!

While Brennaisance is primarily a unique wedding venue, it’s actually a perfect location for any other occasion due to the on-site accommodation, pool house and on-site restaurant (breakfasts and lunches only). The food is excellent and would make a lovely gathering for smaller events too.

A few things to note:

  • Each bedroom has air conditioning for those needing to sleep well.
  • Check which rooms have baths, ours didn’t (if that’s important to you).
  • The fridges are very small so don’t over cater cold food if you intend on staying a while.
  • There’s ample space for a cooler box if you’re looking for alternative options.
  • There is DSTV, but only a limited package – does include Sky News.
  • There is both an indoor and outdoor fireplace.

The rooms are close together so recommend booking it in a big group. That way you won’t disturb other guests as easily. It really felt like home to us and it can feel like home to you! A few

Find it in Devon Valley with special rates now on until next summer.

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