Leafy Stellenbosch Stays at Evergreen Manor & Spa

Remember when you were little and you’d climb into your treehouse and think to yourself “I’m going to make this the best home ever!” You would venture inside and traipse out all of your blankets and pillows, to make your treehouse bed, bring out a few ornaments to make it feel like home and sit in there waiting for something next. 

When a parent or sibling walked past you’d implore them to come and visit you, to check out how cool your house was and invite them in – mostly, which they’d decline. The cat and dog were the most you had at a curious audience.

After a while you’d get a tiny bit bored, but not wanting to admit defeat you’d fetch your guitar or comic books. “I’m going to read every comic from page one right until the end!” Eventually twilight would set in and you would come to realise that you can’t really live in your treehouse for the rest of your life, mostly because you’re starting to get hungry.

So you’d climb down and go home, putting the house to rest for another day. Those are the memories that the outside suite at the Evergreen Manor and Spa conjured up for me, except it was the height of treehouse comfort! 

Central Stellenbosch

Many blog posts speak about hotels being in the heart of Stellenbosch, which tends to be an overstatement. Evergreen Manor & Spa, however, is TRULY in the heart of Stellenbosch town – located just 200 m from the University Gardens and a 5-minute walk to the Vrije burger.

A member of the Cape Country Routes, one of the perks means the owners are often on-site and available for queries. We met Riel Meynhardt after a 5-hour drive back from Knysna; relieving the last of a fiery summer in the Guest House’s icy pool it was a pleasure to make his acquaintance. From then on he was always respectfully available and one of the few hosts who it was a pleasure to spend time with during our stay.


TreeHouse Suite

The main section of the hotel is classically decorated with each room oozing old-world charm. Our suite, however, was located on the second story of the house, among lush green leaves of the bordering trees.

The antique, wooden furniture (including cupboard, drawers, and writing desk) fill the large room while a flat-screen TV and air conditioning modernized the suite. A small Alice in Wonderland-esque sherry table stands next to the window with a swimming pool view, while the dresser offers dried snacks for those who may get a little peckish late in the day.

The room is ensuite and includes a large bath, shower and his and hers sinks. 

Central Stellenbosch Convenience

After sunset, we made our way to one of our favourite burger restaurants in Stellenbosch, de Vrije Burger which is literally a 5 minute walk away. Strolling down the balmy summer streets, bright lights of cars momentarily blinding us, the chatter of students as they cruised by, the last of the day’s heat dissolving into the clear night sky. Dinner, a glass of wine, the world’s best soft-serve and a quick walk home for some cheesy TV on DSTV and a good night’s rest in the giant bed, bliss!

The following morning we popped down to the courtyard and enjoyed the Evergreen Manor and Spa’s complimentary breakfast – including the BEST omelet I have ever eaten! Light, fluffy, bubbly, cheesy – it’s hard to describe but mark my words, this omelet is perfection! (There is also seating inside the dining room, but it was such a pretty morning plus COVID times, we decided to enjoy the outside seating.) 

Final Impression

Wrapping up a five-year wedding anniversary tour at a little guest house in Stellenbosch was the perfect reintroduction to city life without things being too hectic. The Evergreen Manor and Spa is located centrally, but feels remote. It includes off-street parking and breakfast, as well as spa services, which can be booked ahead of time. The service was excellent and we felt right at home. 

We highly recommend this B&B for moms and daughters looking for a weekend away, couples looking for a relaxed weekend in Stellenbosch or anyone passing through on their journey to or from Cape Town. There are actually two houses next to one another that can accommodate more visitors, chat to reception about rooms available and enjoy a small or large party stay over at the Evergreen Manor and Spa.

Thank you so much to Evergreen Manor & Spa for having us!



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