The Wild Mushroom: B&B on the Outskirts of Stellenbosch

The Wild Mushroom is a 5-star bed and breakfast located on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. Set inside the private residential Digteby Estate, the Wild Mushroom offers safe and secure accommodation; with a step back view of the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve and Hottentots-Holland Mountains. The Wild Mushroom’s unique location gives holiday goers, business visitors or couples on a mini-break a relaxing and homely escape from the city.

Mr John and I recently visited the Wild Mushroom for a night away in Stellenbosch. We were offered the honeymoon suite in the hotel garden, which offered extra privacy and far more space. Here’s how the room faired on my 6 “C’s” rating:

[Prefer to watch? Here’s my vlog from the Wild Mushroom]

Here’s my 6 “C” Review

My 6 “C’s” refer to the 6 elements that influence my stay at a hotel. This includes:

  1. Charging Stations
  2. Comfortable Bed
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Counter Space
  5. Connectivity
  6. Conveniences

Here’s how the Wild Mushroom scored:

Charging Stations

As someone who loves social media, taking photos and making videos, charging up my tech is super important. It’s the first thing I do once I’ve dragged all my luggage in. The Wild Mushroom earns 4/5 because they had sufficient countertop space for all our bits. 4/5

Comfortable Bed

I LOVE to crawl into bed and watch a movie when I head out of town. The gap between 5pm and 7pm (before dinner) is the perfect time to unwind from the week and have a little “me” time. 5/5


The absolute worst is if you can see traces of previous guests. It’s a MASSIVE no-no as a guest. The Wild Mushroom was exceptionally clean, with NO fingerprints on the loo handles, glass doors of the showers or anywhere else. 5/5

Counter Space

Whenever I arrive at a new location I pack out my toiletries and makeup within the first 2 hours. When you spend time away from home, you have to make it feel “yours”, even just a little bit. Unfortunately, some hotels don’t have a lot of counter space in the bathroom and it’s quite a pain.

The Wild Mushroom had a shelf underneath their sink for me to keep my bags, with enough space on each side for my makeup and toiletries. It was really easy to get ready in their beautiful en-suite bathroom. 3/5


I recall logging onto my work computer in the morning while at the Wild Mushroom, but I don’t remember whether it had wifi or not. 3/5


The honeymoon suite has a number of great touches, including a double shower, beautiful bath (with the water falling from the CEILING!), an outside shower (which was amazing, but the gardener was fixing things outside in the morning and I’m pretty sure he could see through LOL!), TV positioned near the bed for easy watching, a fridge (unstocked) AND, a honeymoon light! 4/5

We couldn’t see this light during the day, but when we arrived late at night we discovered this little secret and what a hoot it was! Talk about unexpected.

The hotel also has a beautiful pool, which we saw other guests enjoying in the afternoon.

Wild Mushroom Lasting Impressions

We had a lovely stay at the Wild Mushroom. We enjoyed the soft light creeping through the window in the afternoon and the very, very silent surrounds. Unfortunately, we didn’t get up early enough for breakfast, however, we were enjoying the comfort of the room so much that we can’t complain about missing breakfast.

Find the Wild Mushroom Hotel just outside Stellenbosch (on the Somerset West) side. Make a booking online or contact them on by e-mailing: or calling: +27 (0)21 881 3586.

Total Score: 24/30

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  1. I like you 6 C rule- very clever rating scale!

    1. Thank you! I know it’s unconventional but I want to give information that can’t be found on Trip Advisor! And these are honestly the things that shape our visits.

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