Bergsicht’s New Piece of Heaven: Laeticia Cabin

  1. Bergsicht’s New Piece of Heaven: Laeticia Cabin
  2. Stormy Haven at Spanish Farm Guest Lodge

As the balmy Tulbagh heat starts retiring for the day, the light is fading from bright blue to creamy peach. The perfectly lined orchard of dark green trees leads the eye down the dusty road towards the ashy purple peeks in the distance. We never miss sunset at Bergsicht cottages; and now, from the deck of Laeticia, we decide to go for a short stroll and embrace the last of the light.

Listening to the crunch of the pit sprinkled road, the sound leads us through the bakkie tyre imprinted orchards, examining the trees lane by lane. The remainders of the season’s fruit linger on the trees, along with lost feathers, tall green grass, water pipes and loose sticks.

We discover a large field of ripe butternut pumpkins, some falling prey to birds, others appearing perfectly ripe. As we round the bend, there’s a tag on a tree that stops me in my tracks. I point, to which AJ asks, “Does that say Hilda?” His mom’s name…a sign from heaven…”That never happens!”

Just the other day my Mom was telling me a story about driving to the hospital, with my Dad for a check up, when an old World War 2 aeroplane flew over, which she immediately recognised as a plane her dad used to fly during the war. Another sign from heaven?

I know there are a few of you who get caught by clocks consistently reflecting 11:11 whenever you just so happen to look; a reminder from heaven that the past 2 years have been incredibly difficult, but that we are doing OK. These days taking time for one’s self is important and the Laeticia cabin is a fantastic couple’s escape for a little reset and soul rejuvenation.

Evenings at Bergsicht

Back at the cabin we’re heating up the deck hot tub and sipping on delicious Krone Boralis Cap Classique. Loadshedding has just started, but it’s no matter as the stars and moon are so bright, we rely on the heat of the tub and the crackling of the outside fire to pass the time.

The chirp of crickets is interrupted by sporadic moos from cows in the back pastures. Owls hoot overhead as the stars shine and satellites pass by. This is what we leave the city for – clear Autumn skies and farmy soundtracks.

Laeticia Cabin

Bergsicht’s Laeticia cabin is one of their best yet. It’s small but well appointed. It includes a dining table for four, open plan kitchen, en suite bathroom with couples’ shower, Queen-sized bed, luggage storage and cupboard, aircon, his and hers leather chairs in front of the indoor fireplace and a parallel outside area that includes the deck chairs, umbrella, hot tub, fireplace and a fire pit!

Laeticia works well in winter and summer as the hot tub doesn’t need to be heated and everyone knows a respite from the Tulbagh heat is welcome mid-January. The convenience of self-catering eases off the expense and being so close to town allows guests to visit Tulbagh’s restaurants if preferred.

Readers has paired up with Bergsicht to offer picnic baskets for R330 per couple. This is a great way to end the day; picnic spread in the late afternoon, cold drink in hand and scent of wood burning in the fire pit. Bliss.

Should you need to work remotely, the cabin also includes wifi for small digital tasks.

The cleaning staff are on hand to provide extra wood (R25 per bag) and the cabin has hospitable attention to detail which gives it a special touch. Expect rose petals on the bed, Lindt choccies, blitz on sticks for easy fire lighting, outdoor pillows and extra blankets. Bergsicht is a place where the staff have pride in their work and it shows.

Hot Tub Winter Special

The good news is there’s a winter special on too! Enjoy a 15% discount on new bookings between:

From Monday and Thursday from 1st June – 31st July 2022. Bookings do need to be made directly online.

Final Impression

While the cabins look relatively close together at Bergsicht, they offer a decent amount of privacy. All windows have drop down blinds, which also assists in blocking out any light.

We love exploring the Bergsicht cottages and have also stayed in Ruby Star, which is perfect for a small family. Take a look at our Ruby Star blog post review and book while there’s still availability.

We feel incredibly safe at Bergsicht and hope the town of Tulbagh manages to maintain this sense of freedom.

Thank you to Bergsicht for hosting us.

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