Loved Up in the Vindoux Treehouses, Tulbagh

Glamping Hub launched in South Africa a year ago and I was keen to give “glamping” a go. If you’ve never heard the term “glamping”, it refers to “glamorous camping” (gla+camping = glamping) and takes regular camping to the next level. Characteristics like the tent being pre-pitched for you, sleeping in proper beds, storage cupboards and electricity are common glamping services.

The first time I heard the word “glamping” was on The Only Way is Essex. What a laugh! But I’m pleased to say that Glamping Hub has WAY better options than their attempt!

Mr John & I decided to visit the Vindoux Luxury Treehouses in Tulbagh. Not being very familiar with the area, but having heard how beautiful it is, this gave us a good excuse to head to the historical town for the weekend.


Welcome to Vindoux Luxury Treehouses

We arrived at the Vindoux farm and weren’t too sure what to expect. The images on Glamping Hub weren’t super amazing so I lost my confidence as to whether I’d picked a good spot or not. But, as soon as we got out the car we were greeted by a leaping and bounding ridgeback puppy, followed by a big furry kitty at reception! So we figured we’d be ok!

Top Features of Vindoux Tree Houses

  • Close to the town and other wine farms for wine tasting/restaurants.
  • Onsite spa for extra relaxation and pampering.
  • Well sized balcony and sky lights with nature filled views.
  • Water from the farm for baths! (Baths have been off limits during the Cape drought).
  • Viewing deck to see zebras and wildebeest.
  • Large swimming pool, grassy area and braai facilities.

Vindoux Treehouse Review

Arriving at the actual treehouses was an easy 50 meter walk from reception. Upon entering, I was a little taken aback at first! Was this a love shack?! The cabin was FILLED with hearts! Heart decor, hearts in petals, heart lights, heart towels, heart artwork. Talk about a honeymoon suite! Except…we weren’t on honeymoon, LOL!

After settling in I began to really enjoy the cheesy atmosphere and I think it’s actually rather sweet now. Nothing wrong with trying to fill the world with love and remind people of the simple things in life.

Vindoux Treehouse Review in “6 C’s”

Get a Good Night’s Rest (Bed)

The bed in our treehouse was excellent. Not only was a big enough for us two adults (we’re both taller than 5’7″), but it had a lovely, peaceful view with the veranda doors opening out to overlook a green plum orchard.

With the sound of birds chirping in the morning, the trees swishing in the afternoon and the stars peeking through the sky light in the evening, this was reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s Far Away Tree and was a fun place to sleep.

Side Note: Every now and again I got a bit scared someone would look through the window, but this is a safe, secure and peaceful farm in the middle of no where so the chances of that are minimal. 


Considering the amount of nature surrounding this treehouse, the room was extremely clean. I’m very particular about not having dirt stick to my feet and this was not the case in the room. The windows were also clean allowing easy viewing.

Counterspace (Bathroom)

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to get super glammed up for the small farming community, however, there was a bathroom sink and cupboard that provided space. While the counter top wasn’t large enough for everything, I used the edge of the bath as a substitute which worked pretty well.

Charging Stations

Since we don’t drink tea or coffee we were able to turn our kitchenette area into a charging station. The farm offers free wifi as well, which is useful, however, the reception in Tulbagh isn’t bad as it is so reception wasn’t an issue. Plus, a little mouse had made its way into the rusks! Bless!


Inside the treehouse was a fridge, coffee amenities, clothing rail, towel rail, side cabinets, a HUGE bath (YAY!!!), a loo, basin and fresh towels. The bath had, what I assumed to be, plastic curtains from the Glamping website (which I wasn’t keen to deal with) so I was stoked when we arrived and they had been upgraded to fine net curtains.

The room also included bath salts, mosquito repellent and dressing gowns. The treehouse had pretty much everything you’d need for a cozy weekend away.

The only negative was that there was no blind over the bathroom window so when I wanted to use the loo I had to duck to hide away from the people sitting RIGHT outside the window braaiing, LOL!

Vindoux Viewing Deck

Before heading out to find some dinner (Vindoux does have a very small restaurant, but you need to book ahead), we stopped off at their viewing deck. Unfortunately, it was rather barren due to the drought, but the animals were happily grazing away before lying down for the evening.

Breakfast Included

The following morning we were sent breakfast in bed which, I’m sorry to say, left a LOT to be desired. My French toast was super eggy and they put cheese on it?! Mr John ordered a plain bacon and cheese and he got sweet chilli and bacon. The best part remained the viewing deck enjoying the morning light and the sound of the birds. We recommend heading into town for breakfast in Church street.

Staying at Vindoux

Vindoux also has an onsite spa with treatments at a very affordable rate. I was spoilt the following morning to a couple of spa treatments, you can read my Vindoux spa review and see if it interests you.

Vindoux has a wedding-like website, which is why I wasn’t totally clear on what to expect. But it’s really a celebration of a weekend away, rural life, love and tranquillity. Book a weekend away in this adorable treehouse on Glamping Hub and with the ZAR strong at the moment, I think you can get some real steals or take a look at their South African collection if you’re curious to find more options. (It’s about R1850 – R2000 a night.)



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