Cosy Arum Lily Cottages in the Heart of Wolseley

“In a cottage in a wood, a little man at the window stood, saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at the door. “Help me! Help me! Help!” He said, “Before the hunter shoots me dead!” “Come little rabbit come to me, happy we shall be.” One can’t help, but sing this little children’s song when you see the North American-esque log cabins of the Arum Lily Cottages. Tucked away on a working farm just 90 minutes from Cape Town, visitors get to live out their North American fantasies in these luxury cabins.

After a leisurely stroll around the damn, a farmer’s dog which suddenly appeared, the sunset with our team relaxing under the reflections of the Wolseley mountains. With a large pot of osso Bucco on, the fire-lit hot tub on the front deck bubbling and some of the best red wine in the Western Cape, we hunkered down for the night in the gorgeous cabin.

We LOVED our stay at Arum Lily Cottages and highly recommend the cabins to couples or friends. I recommend going in a larger group as there is ample space and having company makes it feel all the more special.

Arum Lily Cottage GTP 5 “C” Review

Here’s my top 5 travel “C” that impact my stay at any hotel:

  1. Charging Stations
  2. Comfortable Bed
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Cupboard Space
  5. Conveniences

Here’s how the Arum Lily Cottages scored:

Charging Stations

MORE than enough space and plugs for us to charge our cameras, phones and laptops.

Comfortable Bed

Very clean linen and mosquito nets to ensure you are not annoyed all through the night. The bed was of ample size in the large bedroom upstairs. Downstairs had a smaller double bed and 2 single beds.


The cabin was fully kitted out with everything one would need to cook at the venue as well as being very clean. I don’t like to see any traces of previous guests, the cabin was perfectly clean and I was satisfied with the upkeep.

Cupboard Space

There was MORE than enough for our bags including space on the bathroom counter for all my toiletries and makeup. I really do find it inconvenient if I can’t have my personal items at an arm’s length away.


This cabin had a fully kitted out kitchen, including a large fridge, which had enough space for us to keep our groceries and precooked meals. I do like to have a refrigerator in my accommodation as I drink a lot of sparkling water. The kitchen was more than kitted out with literally, absolutely everything available EXCEPT – roller towel! Other than that, it was fully equipped.

Arum Lily Cottage Rates

The rates are between R1500 – R3000 per night.

Per night: R1600 for 4 adults / R2100 for 6 adults + R200/child.
3 bedrooms (2 x double beds, 2 x single beds) with 3 bathrooms.

Per Night: R1400 for 2 adults.
1 bedroom (1 x queen size bed) with 1 bathroom.

Per Night: R2000 for 4 adults / R1400 for 2 adults.
2 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 2 x single beds) with 1 bathroom.

Per Night: R2000 for 4 adults / R1400 for 2 adults + R200 for sleeper bed.
2 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 2 x single beds, double sleeper bed ) & 2 bathrooms.

Per Night: R1500 for 2 adults / R2200 for 4 adults, R2700 for 6 adults.
3 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 1 x double bed, 2 x single beds) & 2 bathrooms.

Per Night: R1500 for 2 adults / R2200 for 4 adults / R2700 for 6 adults.
3 bedrooms (1 x queen size bed, 1 x double bed, 2 x single beds) & 2 bathrooms.

Final Impression

We absolutely loved our stay at the Arum Lily Cottages and have gone on to recommend it to numerous guests. Unfortunately, the cottage for 2 was recently closed down and was being refurbished for the new year. Please check with them directly to ensure it is back in working order.

Find the cottages at R46, Wolseley, just outside of Ceres.

Book by calling 082 923 6430 or directly on the Arum Lily Cottage website.

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  1. Looks gorgeous! We are actually looking for a weekend away escape for a group of friends- this might be a great spot! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. PERFECT spot friend! SO cosy and fun and lovely!!! Let me know where you end up going 🙂

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