Thanks for visiting our site and taking an interest in our blog! While Got the Passports is a relatively new site, we have had the privilege of working with a number of special local and international travel brands. We love traveling for art, history, food and architecture, yet only realised after a decade of adventures that it was time to share our stories.

With Google maps, Tripadvisor and, it’s not easy to have a unique travel blog these days. This has motivated our story-telling style; sharing our wins and fails over the years and promoting a down-to-earth approach to travel.

If you’d like to work with us, feel free to check out our case studies, media kit and About page. If you’d like to know more about digital marketing in general, we’ve added some FAQ’s about the industry below.

Thank you for visiting and before you head out the door, “Got the Passports?”

Meg & AJ

Case Studies

We have put together a number of case studies below that can help you get a sense of what we do. For those new to digital marketing, we have also explained the difference between influencer marketing and content marketing, why working with us differs from other creators and our preferred ways of working – where our intention is for both parties to benefit from the experience.

Contact us HERE if you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential collaboration.

What We Do

As with all things digital marketing these days, we create a number of different content pieces. This includes collection content, partnership content, social media content and video content. Here’s what each of those mean!

Collection Content

“Collection Content” is when we take short-form content and create a larger content piece. Because we’re often filming as we go along, we found using aggregated content along a single theme provides fun, personal content for prospective travellers. Our best example of this to date is our 10 Things To Do in Mauritius video which received over 200 hours of watch time within the first month of being live on YouTube.

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Partnership Content

Partnership content is when we work with a travel destination to create long term blog content and short-form social content that showcases their location. While social media content keeps users informed, blog content services users Google Searching for information and who are interested in personal experiences over brand websites.

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Before you go…Digital Marketing 101

To assist you further, we have put together some points of consideration regarding digital marketing and working with Got the Passports. Meg has worked in digital marketing for 9 years and has a good knowledge of how the internet works and how our content can help you and your brand.

What’s the Difference Between Blogging and Influencer Marketing?

At Got the Passports we have chosen to blog over influencer marketing. Blogging focuses on long form, long term content that is easily found in the Google search results. It lasts longer than 24 hours and usually services people who are searching for more information about where to go/reviews/real images, etc. Backlinks on our website also helps YOUR brand rank higher on Google, driving traffic to your website.

Influencer marketing is about large, instant, broad awareness of your brand through social media. The content tends to reach an established audience of users who follow the creator (such as Instagram). The content can NOT be found on Google and does not contribute toward your brand’s SEO. However, it can be incredibly powerful in reaching a highly engaged audience with a high trust factor as they have taken a person interest in the creator’s content on their social platform.

We have a team of influencers who we often pair up with so that the client can get a combination of coverage from an authentic, engaged audience as well as long term content from blog posts. Consider both options and we can discuss your needs before visiting.

Do You Charge a Fee To Cover Our Property?

No. We feel that reviews need to be authentic and are often tainted when money is exchanged. Our goal is to build an honest and authentic bank of travel content that keeps things fair across the board. That means – no fee for you!

Also, welcoming us into your property is still an expense for your business so we don’t feel it’s fair to charge for the time on top of that. We may, from time to time, require travel budgets (petrol or plane tickets) if a project is far out of town. (For example, LUX Grand Gaube paid for a plane ticket for us to cover their hotel. It was booked and paid through their business within their budget and control.)

Can We Use Your Photographs?

AJ’s images are not a part of our package, however, we are happy to discuss the sharing of content on a one-to-one bases. If you’re interested in using our photographs, simply pop us a message via our contact page.

Why Do You Have a Minimum Two Night Stay?

Having driven around the country side for years and forcing balancing a day job and this project, it no longer became feasible to visit for just one night. By staying for two nights we are able to capture the properties in different lights and weather (morning, afternoon, nighttime, raining, sunning) without breaking ourselves to get the content done. We’d rather just pay for a night away and relax when that’s the case!

* Exceptions may be made under individual circumstances and pre-arranged beforehand.

Are You Able To Visit During the Week?

Yes, but not all the time. Meg works full time, but is happy to take leave for special projects – should it warrant the leave.

Do You Drive Leads?

Often blog posts are a significant part of the user journey as they are looking for honest feedback, the pro’s and con’s of every property, but may not book through the blog.

While we are not an influencer (people-based marketing), we have set up a unique e-mail address that readers can use to contact us should they like to make a booking. We usually forward this lead to the property who can then communicate with the client directly about their needs.

Thanks so much for your interest in working with Got the Passports! We’re looking forward to showcasing our property in the future. – Meg & AJ