Case Studies

While Got the Passports is a relatively new blog, we have had the privilege of working with a number of special local and international travel brands.

Blogging focuses on long form, long term content and takes time to service users, who typically search for the content via Google or YouTube. The content lasts longer than 24 hours and acts as a medium to share authentic experiences of the brand, while assisting brand SEO.

We are proud of the following collaborations to date (updated on the 5th of April 2020):

January 2018: Lux Grand Gaube, Mauritius

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June 2018: Gondwana Collection, Namibia

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There were no case studies in 2019 as we took a family trip to the UK and did not pair up with any brands abroad.

November 2019: #MyMauritius with iAmbassador, Mauritius

GTP joined 29 other bloggers from around the world for a week’s adventure in Mauritius. With a focus on raising awareness of the island, while attending travel focuses workshops, GTP assisted in promoting the beautiful African island of Mauritius in the following ways:

*Stats taken 5 months after project commenced.

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