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The Majesty of Tintern Abbey

Even though the rain slashed through every window frame, the terrible weather couldn’t dampen the majesty of Tintern Abbey. Whether rain or shine, this 900 year old abbey stands as regal as the time of its prime, transporting visitors right into the heart of the middle ages of the Wye …

To illustrate clubbing in London

Clubbing in London: Goldie at Fabric

I can’t believe it’s been FIVE YEARS since we saw Goldie live at Fabric! Since then we’ve seen him 2 more times, including in South Africa. Clubbing while on holiday can really be such an awesome experience, particularly for the music that you’re unable to see in your home country. …


Petting Reindeer in the Cairngorms

The first time time I visited my friends in Scotland they offered to take us up the mountain to feed the reindeer. Because we had already gone snowboarding on that trip, I was a little anxious to overspend too early in the trip and declined. But I promised to do …