Discovering My Ancestory at EPIC Ireland Immigration Museum

We’ve all seen the TV shows. Who Do You Think You Are?, Genealogy Roadshow and Long Lost Family, to name a few, but have you tried to find your ancestors? Thanks to the interwebs, it’s become easier and easier to reach out, take a DnA test or visit archives to find out more about your family’s past.

EPIC Ireland is a leading European tourist attraction based just outside Dublin’s tech centre in the docklands. Housed in the CHQ Building, Every Person Is Connected (EPIC) is a fantastic, interactive museum that tells the story of the Irish diaspora (people who left Ireland) and how they’ve influenced the new worlds they made home. Famous faces include Tom Cruise, Rihanna, John F Kennedy, all with Irish roots.

Reasons To Visit EPIC Ireland

  • Immersive experience that informs visitors through modern design and interior design.
  • Interactive experience that allows visitors to psychically feel a part of the journey.
  • Modern technology is used to tell the story in both a show and play kind of way.
  • Lots of details, but not overwhelming. Good for return visits.
  • Includes seating if you want to rest a bit and just take in all the details.
  • Good value for money as it’s unlike anything else in Dublin.
  • Modern building with good amenities (disabled access, restaurants, easy bus access).

Immersive Experience

I love that the museum has been designed to make visitors feel included. You could easily take the “tour” a few times and notice something new every single time.

What’s even luckier for me is that one of my cousins works at EPIC as a professional researcher. She has the most incredible insights and experience is tracing family roots, which can be quite difficult when everyone was called John Smith the 1st, John Smith II, John Smith II, John Smith IV, it can be quite a minefield! (This is a separate service but one that is also available there.)


Interactive Experience

The museum is engaging as it has a number of interactive experiences. This breaks up the common issues of being bombarded with information. Even if you’re genuinely interested, there’s really only so much one can take in. But enjoying the interactive or immersive media sections, you can have a moment to catch up mentally.


Get your tickets from the ticket office on street level or buy them online.

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