Welcome to the South African world of Cap Classique! Because “Champagne” is trade marked exclusively by France’s champagn region, Cap Classique has become synomous with South Africa’s version of the sparkling wine. Produced in the traditional method, there are over 200 Cap Classique creators in South Africa, excluding makers of Sparkling Wine (carbonated wine).

Whether you’re a visitor or local, there’s not much better than spending a beautiful day out, in the Western Cape, enjoying some of the Cape’s best Cap Classiques. In fact, we love it so much we’ve put together a list to suit every personality!

Graham Beck: Cap Classique for the Art Lover

Graham Beck‘s tasting room not only forms a part of its natural surroundings, but is home to ecological considerations, proudly South African art and some of the best MCC in the country. The narrow tasting room allows light from the Robertson based valley to cast natural light onto the brand’s collection of fine art, which keeping guests cool in the warm area. The tasting room is split between the seated tasting area and a beautiful art gallery showing off the evolution of the brand as it ran parallel to important moments in South African history.

Silverthorn Wines: Cap Classique For the Discrete

Silverthorn Wines is a small MCC producing estate in Robertson. Created by husband and wife team, John Loubser, Silverthorn is located along the Breede River and prides itself on a long history of the land impacting the flavour of the Cap Classique. With shale soils and a warm climate during the day (cool in the evenings), the brand prides itself on a natural, secondary fermentation in the bottle. To date they have produced just 44 000 bottles, all with unique labels (artwork) and a delicious, sophisticated mouth feel. Pop in if you’re a small group looking for a discrete tasting.

Villiera: Cap Classique Tasting for the Wild

You may be thinking we’re referring to the MCC guests as the wild animals, but that wouldn’t be the case at Villiera where there are ACTUAL wild animals on the estate ready to be visited! Hop onto the farm’s game vehicle and enjoy a tour to see some of South Africa’s most loved herbivores including zebras, albino springboks and giraffes. Quench your thirst with a delicious Villiera MCC tasting in their air-conditioned tasting room.

Klein Constantia: Cap Classique For the Traditionalist

Klein Constantia is one of the oldest wine estates in the Cape and has been producing their world famous Vin de Constance for over 350 years. Known for their sauvignon blancs, their MCC is also rich and best loved by those with a discerning palate due to the complexities in the flavour. The small tasting room is located alongside their deli and offers an intimate tasting experience for those visiting the historic Constantia Valley.

Krone: Cap Classique for the Sun Lovers

For those looking to spend the day lounging around on large while couches, drinking excellent MCC under the warm sunlight, look no further than Krone in Tulbagh. The Borealis is one of our all-time favourites, absolutely delicious and they have a number of MCC’s to serve the dryer or softer palate. Make sure to visit them early though as venues in Tulbagh tend to close at around 3pm on weekends.

Leopard’s Leap: Cap Classique For the Whole Family

Now that sounds a little bit dodgy, but what we really mean is that Leopard’s Leap is an awesome location for the whole family! With family-style lunches and large windows overlooking vibrant patches of lawn, it’s a great place for the parents to have a glass of MCC over lunch while the kids run around outside in the safety of the estate.

Lord’s: Cap Classique For the Sporty

Named after the world-famous cricket grounds in London, Lords in McGregor as two delightful MCC’s for the sport-loving personality type. With a few gestures to the game at the front entrance, the large lush lawns will keep fans of the drink happily entertained for hours in the farmland’s location.

Haute Cabriere: Cap Classique For the Engaged

The cellar tour at Haute Cabriere is one of the most engaging tours in the Franschhoek valley. Taking guests from the initial farm intentions, natural history and story of the estate to the underground cellar, it’s a great place for adults to while away the hours with good drink and excellent food. The brave can also give sabrage a try. It’s a guaranteed good time and a great way to start Saturday mornings in Franschhoek.

Louisvale: Cap Classique For the Sci-Fi Lovers

We had absolutely no idea how amazing the Louisvale restaurant and tasting room was until we visited just before COVID times. While it may contact classic, hearty South African food and art, their premises and views are simply out of this world! Alongside their delicious Chardonnay Brut and Brut Pinot Noir.

Dieu Donne: Cap Classique For The Romantic

Situated high up on the Franschhoek Pass, Dieu Donne‘s small tasting room offers the most beautiful views down the Franschhoek valley. Great for small groups or a casual date, sip award-winning MCC ‘swhile watching the cloud pass over the valley and vineyards.

Boschendal: Cap Classique For the Adventurous

Boschendal is the most amazing estate due to its large size and multiple offerings. Whether your visiting after a Saturday morning bike ride, sleeping over for the weekend in one of their luxury cottages, shopping at their absolutely delicious deli or popping into The Werf for lunch, there really is something for everyone at Boschendal – including an exquisite MCC. This is one of the latest MCC’s we’ve tried and will definitely be tucking into it again soon!

Steenberg: Cap Classique For the City Slickers

Steenberg is one of my favourite estates in Cape Town due to being so centrally located. Just 15 minutes from our home, we hop onto the M3 and glide down the highway to their mountainside estate. Whether visiting Tryn or 1682, Steenberg is home to some delicious MCC. So delicious, in fact, that my mom and I tend to interchange glass by glass just so that we can keep enjoying their pinot noir brut and their chardonnay cap classique.

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  1. I love Villiers MCC so much! Everything they do is so yummy, even the one they do for woolies is Devine and budget friendly.
    I haven’t met an MCC I didn’t like though. LeLude, Steenberg, Simonsig, Colmant and Charles Fox are some of my favorites.

  2. Kleine Zalze brut and I think they have one called gold, definitely favourite for now but haven’t tasted everyone’s yet!

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