Heading to Tulbagh for the weekend? Here are our tips and tricks on how to get the most of your visit at the historical town.

1. Arrive Early

A lot of local shops close early on a Saturday, decreasing the number of things to do in the afternoon within the village.

2. Check Your Food & Supplies

The local Spar closes at 7pm a Saturday and 1pm on a Sunday, if you miss the store then you will have to drive to another town to get food.

3. Bring Wood

Check whether your accommodation includes wood/firelights before arriving. Some sell wood from the venue (honestly bar), others do not and you may need to get more.

4. Check the Wifi Upon Check-in

If you have some work to do, it’s important to check the wifi works. If not, you will need to head into town, which can also be limiting if the stores are closed.

5. Get a Real Map (Free)

Stop in at the visitor centre and get a map of Tulbagh. Google maps has a nasty habit of directing visitors through closed or private roads that can’t be accessed or have a dead end. The paper map (attached) or in town is most accurate.

6. Plan Your Route

Tulbagh is quite spread out, so get out your Google maps and work out where you can go first and last, with closing times so that you don’t miss anything. It’s quite a big town with 5km – 15kms between each destination so you may not be able to do everything on your first trip – a great excuse to come back 😉

7. Bring a Jacket

The wind can pump through the valley, making it quite cold, so be sure to bring a big jacket with you. Even if it’s just to keep the wind off your shoulders on a warm day.

8. Bring Your Own Medication

Both local pharmacies are closed on Sunday, with one only being open until 2pm on a Saturday. Try not to depend on getting scripts/medication in Tulbagh over the weekend. Play it safe and bring your own to ensure an hassle free trip.

9. Sunday Sessions

Many wine estates are closed on a Sunday so be sure to check what’s available before booking your dates if you’re hoping to make the most of the valley.

10. Venue Versus Name

Some famous alcohol brands have a different estate name to brand name. For example, the Pierre Jourdan farm is called Haute Cabriere. In Tulbagh, the Krone estate is called Twee G. Be sure to look up the names of the products an estate produces if you’re in doubt about what they offer.

11. Book a Venue with a Hot Tub

It’s true, Tulbagh is becoming a hot destination for places to stay with a hot tub! We’ve stayed in 2 venues with outdoor hot tubs and it certainly adds a bit of fun under the beautiful Tulbagh skies.

12. Book One Meal at a Local Restaurant

Self-catering is affordable and fun, but going out for one local meal supports local businesses and gives you a night off from the dishes. The food in Tulbagh is enjoyable and it will add an extra touch to your mini-break.

13. Cook Local

If you do prefer to prepare all your own meals, pick up some local produce on the way such as olive from Oakhurst or vegetables from the centre of town. Duikers Drift also has home-cooked meals which could help your organisation. The food is delicious, fresh and hearty – perfect for weekends away.

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