Not having ridden a Segway before, I was quite unprepared when I visited a wine farm in South Africa for their Segway tour.

Spier, a famous wine farm in Stellenbosch, offers off road Segway tours, which are amazing! But I had anticipated the weather to be cold and arrived in trousers and sneakers while it was 35 outside!

Here’s a picture of me wearing my husband’s swimming trunks, using my hair as sunblock and wearing sandals in the dirt. Oops!

If you want to have the best Segway experience possible, here’s what to wear if you’ve never ridden a Segway before:

What To Wear on a Segway Tour

  • Sneakers: I rode in sandals, which is possible, but not the best option. Wear closed shoes.
  • String Bag: While the machine is doing all the work, it is hot out there. Pack some water or cool drink in a light weight string back that you can wear on your back.
  • Sun Glasses: Sunglasses can really help the wind in your face, dust flying up and the glare.
  • Bandana: You can’t really wear a hat because you have a helmet on. I loosed my hair to act as a bit of sun buffer, but if you have a bandana that you want to wear to cover your neck or face, go for it.
  • Sunblock: While we rode in the afternoon around 3pm, it was really hot out. Sunblock is welcome because your legs are also exposed to the sun and I did catch the light a little bit.

Would you like to know more about the Spier Segway tour? Read my full Spier off-road Segway tour review here. Full booking information available online. 


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