The flowers are blooming! While we still may very much be in the thick of winter, the flowers are giving us some 2020 joy we’ve seriously been missing. Having driven between Franschhoek (very cold!) and Langebaan (surprisingly sunny) we passed a number of beautiful wild flower sections.

I’ve asked around and gathered a few bits and bobs, placing them in an interactive map below to help you on your way. Making a journey up the West Coast to see the beautiful flowers is the perfect way to break 5 months of lockdown living.

Wildflower Viewing Tips:

  • Visit on a sunny day (at least 18 degrees) otherwise the flowers will be closed.
  • Visit during the hottest time of day to ensure the flowers are open (11am – 3pm) and facing the sun.
  • Walk along the beaten path in order to avoid trampling on flowers and running into snakes.
  • Do not pick any flowers.
  • Ask locals for their tips as they know best where to find the best flowers (or local restaurants if you’re looking for a sundowner!).




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  1. […] enjoyed the Milky Lane down the way, we returned to drive through Langebaan looking for wild flowers of the west coast. We also found the Wild Butcher and bought ourselves some fresh produce to braai in the evening […]

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