Glittering Lagoon Views at The Lofts Boutique Hotel Knysna

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  3. Glittering Lagoon Views at The Lofts Boutique Hotel Knysna
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The bedroom flickers bright white as the long, flowing drapes dance in the afternoon breeze. Small waves are pushed towards us as passing boats cut through the glittery lagoon, shimmering under the waning afternoon sun. The cheerful chirp of birds and chuckles of fishermen waft into our hotel room as we sit absorbing the joyful sounds of lagoon life.

It’s been raining in Knynsa, but today the sun is out and showing off this world-famous holiday destination in all its glory. Small fishing boats, stuck in the mud, are set free twice a day as the tide ebbs and flows beyond our deck. Vessels and tides may come and go, but the patient fishermen remain constant from sunrise to sunset.

Never has Knynsa looked so American; a postcard of what we imagine 4th of July weekends in the Hamptons to be like – except this is home, this is South Africa and this is The Lofts Boutique Hotel, a member of Cape Country Routes, on Thesen Island.

The Lofts Boutique Hotel Knysna

Rolling down a long, tarred road towards a small hotel sign, the Lofts Boutique Hotel entrance is discrete and deceptive. A few empty parking bays and a large wooden door gives nothing away of the splendor of the hotel’s location.

Having parked, we tentatively step inside to be warmly greeted by the hotel staff. A small reception services the boutique hotel with the ground floor housing the pool deck, spa and atrium. Our room is number one and I’m nervous. Usually being located right next to reception means NOISE! Gently opening the door, I step inside to immediately be swept away by the freshwater scent and dreamy bobbing boats. “Wow” literally escapes us both.

Loft Suites

Luxury loft rooms, lagoon suites and self-catering units overlook the Blue Flag Marina (an internationally recognised certification for environmental education) and being on the ground floor means we have our own private deck. An entire wrap-around that affords us private lagoon views, access to the kayaks and a dining area just for two.

The room is equipped with a limited DSTV package, armchairs and a semi-open en suite bathroom (sink, shower, lavatory). Double sliding doors make outside visits easy, but it’s the queen-sized bed facing the water that captures my vote. Feet up, Kindle on, holiday mode activated.

Breakfast Included

Breakfast is included in our lagoon room and is served either in the hotel’s atrium or the voucher can be moved across to Knysna’s most loved coffee shop, Ile de Pain, connected to the back of the hotel. We opt to enjoy the hotel’s offering first as we settle in and enjoy the warm light and easy service on our first morning.

Remodelled timber of the old Knysna boatbuilding shed forms the rib cage of the atrium, a long, thin duplex with light-boxes illuminating the lounge filled dining area. Large tables welcome hotel guests for brekkie and locals who pop in to wrap up tasks with a cup of coffee and guaranteed silence.

 48 Hours of Summer

On day two, we pull ourselves away to do our Knysna Heads hike, an activity we promised to do while in the area. The beautiful Knynsa Heads keeps our relaxation meter on low, but our hunger levels on high so we pop into a much-loved pizza restaurant for lunch.

Underwhelmed by the fair (but the service was great), we head back to our hotel room to lounge in the sun like dassies.

Plopping onto bed after breakfast, it’s hard to think of something else to do when the view is so relaxing. COVID has been a tough year and working in digital marketing makes these screen-free moments more relevant to me.

I’d like to say we did 10 things while we stayed there, but we didn’t! The room was spectacular and we absorbed it all up! With the entire patio to ourselves and no Cape Town wind, the temptation to take too many photographs couldn’t be resisted.

5 Year Anniversary Dates

For dinner, the hotel staff have prepped our food on our deck for a romantic dinner for two. It’s our 5 year anniversary tour and we couldn’t have wished for a better location. As I crawl back into bed, AJ continues to take his night shots over the lagoon. Creeping down the deck stairs, he is soon met with a security officer who double-checks what he’s up to and recommends he returns to his suite.

Final Impression

The Loft Boutique Hotel in Knysna was heaven sent and we’re so thankful for the safe and relaxing experience. There was, also, no noise from the reception area other than light chatter from the pool deck as locals gather for business meetings. I had an excellent massage at the spa and a delicious breakfast at Ile De Pain the following morning.

We can confidently say that The Lofts Boutique was one of the best locations on our South African travels to date and is the epitome of relaxation. We highly recommend taking advantage of their winter special now while you still can:

  • Double occupancy in their luxury loft rooms from R1 300 or R1 660 for their exclusive lagoon suites, breakfast included! Not valid during the Knysna Oyster Festival. T’s & C’s Apply.

Thank you for the Lofts Boutique Hotel for having us, we will definitely be back!

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