The Peech Hotel: Leafy Haven in the Heart of Joburg

My Johannesburg colleagues are in absolute heaven as the sound of large droplets start to rain simultaneously over our Teams’ call; the familiar sound of their home city.

Beautiful, deep blue skies shone through the morning as large, white clouds billowed between heaven and earth. In the matter of a hours, determined drops start to attack the paved pathways while purple lightning flashes across the sky – a spectacular show – even from our downstairs room at the Peech Hotel.

For me,

It’s the slow rolling tap…



and BOOM that sees me leap, with my laptop in hand, from desk to bed. “Something’s definitely been hit! That was TOO loud!” So loud it even elicited a response from Al-John, a rare occasion.

It’s late Friday afternoon and I’m wrapping up a major work task before the weekend rolls around in the big smoke, but this thunderstorm is shaking me to my core! Already not a fan – it’s truly the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life!

We’re in Johannesburg for the weekend and The Peech Hotel is our haven from the notorious city.

And a haven it is. Below passing showers: lush, deep green gardens, blue butterflies, frantic lizards, calm pools and singing birds disguise the city’s reputation; providing a clandestine mini-break for guests seeking a real “holiday” in the concrete jungle.

The Peech Hotel of Melrose

The Peech is a boutique hotel, almost entirely unknown to my Johannesburg friends. And how they are missing out!

The only hotel in Joburg with a Fair Trade in Tourism accreditation (and only one of three in the whole country), as well as home to Basalt – a dining experience curated by James Diack that focuses on farm-to-table food, fresh from his family’s farm in the Magaliesberg, the Peech Hotel is a secret oasis around the corner from the world famous cricket ground: Wanderers.

Unfortunately, we’re in Joburg for the first weekend of January where most businesses are still hibernating over the summer, so we’re unable to visit the restaurant.

With the calibre of food significantly increasing over the past decade, I’m learning Joburg is starting to give Cape Town a challenge on both quality and value.

Supporting Sustainability with Local Talents

The hotel as a central reception area housed in the traditional property home, with rooms then scattered around the extent of the property. This allows for space and privacy throughout the venue.

Before setting into the afternoon’s final task list for the week, we take a sneak peak to a number of the rooms at the hotel. Since the refurbishment of the original rooms in 2023, the combination of textures and interiors by local craftsmen has given the Peech Hotel a uniquely South African offering, and highlights the finesse of local artists and designers.

Working with long term design and interior partner, Aparna Ramani, the focus of permanence and reliability under pins each room, with engineered oak floors, Quartz Carpet in the bathrooms, solid timber headboards and open wardrobes to add to the sense of timelessness.

Decorative wall hangings are printed on rPET fabric, recycled from plastic bottles, while the colour layering of soft textures resonate with the gardens outside to deliver a luxuriously, tactile stay.

We particularly enjoyed the metal desk and cabinet for its unexpected take on hotel furniture, as well as the modern lamp textures and local artworks, particularly the little prints in the bathrooms.

The Hotel speaks to sustainability and that is seen throughout the visit. From the textiles and durable furnishings to the quality finishings, the Peech Hotel also supports local NGOs: Little Eden, Immaculata and Bethany House to extend their mindfulness beyond the hotel.

Breakfast Included

Outing myself immediately as a tourist, after commenting on the cuteness of the common myna bird (apparently a rather aggressive species!), we enjoy our breakfast under the passing shapes of the canopy above, both organic and man-made.

The swimming pools are incredibly tempting, however, we have a wedding to attend so we covet them from afar while exiting for our event. (Be sure to wande to pool two, slightly set back and just as gorgeous.)

The Peech After Dark

In the evening we return without hassle; 24-7 security on hand to assist with our Uber gaining secure access to the premises before we slip into our suite. A quick shower (great pressure and temperature) serves, however, a luscious bath is also available (I love baths and always appreciate any hotel room that includes one).

Trevor Noah’s “Born a Crime” moves from decor to entertainment, reaffirming the hotel’s “support local” philosophy, as we head to bed after an eventful day at the Beechwood Gardens.

Escape to the Peech Hotel

Visiting for a wedding, the Peech Hotel was the perfect central stay as it allowed us to feel on holiday, but also safe in one of South Africa’s most notorious cities.

With 24-7 security, Uber access and a central location in the leafy suburbs of Joburg, the Peech Hotel is a wonderful stay for guests visiting for leisure – or even business if you’re happy to tear yourself away from the hotel!

The staff are welcoming, personable and efficient – helping us steam our wedding outfits within 2 hours after I’d forgotten to ask. Breakfast is a slow affair but, frankly, we weren’t in a rush so none of our plans were affected. Many other guests also hang around and chatted or read a book in the breakfast lounge.

  • Find the 4 star Peech Hotel at the 61 North Street, Melrose in Johannesburg.
  • Rates start from just over R2 700 per night, see seasonal rates on the website.
  • We took the Gautrain to Rosebank and then an uber to the hotel.
  • The hotel does offer a shuttle service and, in the future, we will use that instead.

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