The Pot Luck Club is on the top floor of the old grainery within the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. Find it at 373 Albert Road, Woodstock.

This is a lower income area, but there is secure parking available within the complex. Hotels also often often lifts to restaurants, check with your concierge.

Why Do We Eat There?

  • Luke Dale Roberts is a culinary icon within the Mother City so you can always expect the highest execution and creative menu.
  • Unusual location within Woodstock, a lower income neighbourhood, with unique views across Cape Town.
  • The restaurant’s reputation speaks for itself. It’s been around for nearly 10 years, which is no small feat for a city constantly turning over, plus a global pandemic!

What To Order?

  • Eat: Excluding popular staples (ask the server) from this new menu – the Sashimi salad with grapefruit pearls and avocado, as well as the lamb shank pot pie, were both delicious.
  • South African Food: try the Roosterkoek, a traditional fire-cooked bread (often found at national highway gas stations around the country).
  • Drink: The Thai Green Curry martini is excellent: spicy, sweet and delicious. (And then go downstairs to Salon and have their Jalapeno & pineapple cocktail. Also owned by LDR; the fight is on for which one is best!).

How to Book?

  • As locals we love to use the DinePlan app. Fast and easy to use.
  • Alternatively, call them. Their details are on the Pot Luck Club contact page.