5 Star Views at Hyatt Recency Cape Town

I can’t hear the call to prayer. Have I missed it? The light of the embedded mirror clock illuminates the translucent bathroom door in a blue hue, but it seems light enough to be morning. Maybe I’ve overslept? Can one oversleep on holiday? My foggy mind comes around and I realise – there is no call to prayer. There is no gathering at the mosque. 

While living in Tamboerskloof and working on graveyard radio, I became accustomed to the soothing music around sunrise. I had anticipated hearing the prayers again during our stay at the Hyatt Regency Cape Town; located on the corner of town and the historical BoKaap, but these are COVID times which means the hymns of Bokaap no longer ring out across the neighbourhood – how sad.


Hyatt Regency Cape Town Suites

Having arrived just after lunchtime, we managed to do a hotel tour, pop out for lunch in Bree street and put our feet up to chillax and test the WiFi.

Our suite is excellent. Practical with the usual expectations (gowns, slippers, fruit and water) paired with soft, quality linen. Modern, tasteful artwork discretely adorns the suite and the soft furnishings are elegant without being too corporate.

At long last – a decent-sized TV and king-sized bed with even better views across the city.


A Meeting Place at Hyatt

As the sun starts to cool and the wind starts to whisk the city, we make our way down to the hotel’s pool. Tucked behind the large sail, with a view towards the colourful homes of BoKaap, we let the light sink behind Signal Hill while tucking into an iced coffee from Starbucks (conveniently located in the hotel’s foyer).

Having only recently arrived in Cape Town, this is a major drawcard for those looking for international flavours on the daily grind (no pun intended!).


Escaping the breeze, we make our way inside to the hotel’s executive club. Rich coffee table books on colour, South African Females in Jazz, Concrete and Middle Eastern Architecture accompanied our few, fresh veggie-based starters in the Hyatt’s executive club keep us ticking over while we wait to dine in the in-house restaurant. 

Club 126 Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency

With a focus on showcasing local cuisine, the Club 126 is the hotel’s signature restaurant that highlights Cape Malay cuisine. Malay dishes are unique to the Mother City and originate from the Malay and Madagascan slaves (who arrived in the Cape around 300 years ago) and whose ancestors live in BoKaap today.

The lamb curry is perfectly spicy for me (mild on the menu). Tender, salty, rich lamb falls apart in the perfect mustard seed dawned gravy. Baby potatoes, fluffy rice and yoghurt accompany the crunchy, thin popadom, which is the perfect vessel to scoop curry, while a stone fruit purée adds a touch of acidity to the dish. It’s delicious.

AJ’s fillet is cooked to perfection as are his truffle fries. We sit in silence and listen to the staff quietly closing shop. All the restaurant tables and booths of empty, bar one other, yet the ambience of the room itself is warm and welcoming – no small feat during Covid times.

We request our dessert to be taken to our hotel room in order to ensure the staff get home in time before the 9pm curfew. The king-sized bed is the perfect location to indulge in sorbet while Bridgerton loads.


Nights at the Hyatt Cape Town

The aircon whirls softly, enough to block out any potential sounds floating up from the city. We’re on the seventh floor and the city bowl doesn’t appear to have a 9pm curfew unlike all the other neighbourhoods in the Cape Town.

Police vehicles, Ubers, emergency vehicles, private cars slip through under the golden street light globes. I know this because the chez lounge against the large windows was too inviting to ignore. Tucking ourselves behind the curtains we rest our chins on elbows and watched the city lights sparkling across Cape Town and vehicles glide past below.

There’s satellite TV in the room, a desk, large bath and shower, but I came prepared by downloading a number of programs from Netflix – an unnecessary preparation as the hotels’ wifi works perfectly. Our hotel lockdown experience involves nothing, but eating good food, lounging around in fine linen and indulging in weekend TV – heaven.

Breakfast in Bed-room

The following morning we make the most of our suite and the beautiful views by ordering breakfast in bed. Ginger, cayenne and fresh orange juice clears the morning throat while smoked Turkey, mushrooms and hollandaise kick start my day. This kitchen is halal, but the food doesn’t taste heartless like so many specific hotel menus can do. I’m satisfied.

Final Thoughts

After a quick time-lapse of the 5-star views from the corner lounge (that’s perched on every floor of the Hyatt), it’s time to pack up and go. (Our car is safely locked away in the underground parking.) We were really impressed with this hotel as it was very clean, perfectly located, the rooms felt private and well-appointed and the food was delicious. 

If you’re looking to visit Cape Town and stay in a hotel in the centre of the city without being in “the thick of things” (read Long street), the Hyatt is the perfect location. 100 meters down to the much-loved restaurants and bars of Bree street, off-street parking, 24-7 security and services sensitive to the Islamic faith (including prayer rooms), makes the Hyatt perfect for local and international guest alike. There are also discounts for government employees, AAA, etc. Simply ask on request.

Have a question? Drop a note below or mail stay@gotthepassports! 



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