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Discounted Cable Car Tickets for Locals!

In light of September being tourism month and the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway celebrating its 93 years in operation, the Cableway is offering a discounted rate for South African citizens (aged 4+) for the month of October! From Monday – Fridays, locals can enjoy a ride up the cable car …


How To Get Discounted Moulin Rouge Tickets, Paris

Daa-daa-dadadada-daa-daa-dadadada-daa-daa-dadadadada-dadadadadadadadada 😀 The can-can! Who doesn’t know it? I remember my mother and her pals dressing up, rehearsing for hours and presenting a version of it in our home town’s Little Theatre for their annual variety show, what a hoot! Only one of the most famous dances in the world, …