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Plateau Views at Waterberg Namibia

“Hello Mr Hog? Mr Hog are you there? We’re here to chat to you about your home and life insurance.” We couldn’t resist making a little joke after encountering the most adorable (and large) warthog living in a manhole on the way to our mountainous suite at the Waterberg Resort. …


Okaukuejo Resort Prices

While exploring the NWR website, we found the rates quite difficult to assess as you need to find available dates for the rooms (and thus rates and inclusions) to appear. This is particularly for the Okaukuejo Resort prices. We hope the listing below will help you gain that information a …


City Slicker’s Guide to Ai-Ais in Namibia

Keen to head to Southern Namibia? Great idea! We’ve just returned and we had a fantastic time in the Land of the Brave. We’re spent 2 weeks exploring NWR (Namibian Wildlife Resorts) various locations. The Ai-Ais resort was our first stop and it was a joy to experience the hot …