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City Slicker’s Guide to Ai-Ais in Namibia

Keen to head to Southern Namibia? Great idea! We’ve just returned and we had a fantastic time in the Land of the Brave. We’re spent 2 weeks exploring NWR (Namibian Wildlife Resorts) various locations. The Ai-Ais resort was our first stop and it was a joy to experience the hot …

Fun Things To Do in Cape Town

Top Tips for Cape Town Safety

This post was inspired by a question in one of my favourite Facebook travel groups, “Has anybody experienced crime in Cape Town? A friend told me, that (white) women aren’t safe there.” The first responder was mature enough to explain that this question was bigoted and insensitive, without causing further …


Our Top 10 Tips to Road Trip Namibia

So you’re thinking about heading north? Great idea! We love Namibia and have done 2 x 5000 km road trips over the past 5 years. Namibia is vast and beautiful country with one of the lowest population densities in the world, filled with unique flora, fauna and the greatest blue …