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Level 1 Travel Regulations for South Africa

UPDATE: 12th November 2020 President Ramaphosa has declared South Africa open! All visitors are required to present a COVID negative test that was taken within the last 72 hours before arrival. Should this be presented then visitors will have access to visit. Total Active Cases as of 21st November 2020 …

Fun Things To Do in Cape Town

Top Tips for Cape Town Safety

This post was inspired by a question in one of my favourite Facebook travel groups, “Has anybody experienced crime in Cape Town? A friend told me, that (white) women aren’t safe there.” The first responder was mature enough to explain that this question was bigoted and insensitive, without causing further …


Purple Edges at Lavender Farm Guest House

The vibrant field of lavender is so beautiful in the morning light. Lavender Farm Guest House is located on the outskirts of famous culinary and wine town, Franschhoek. Just 90 minutes outside Cape Town, South Africa, this is the perfect location for couples, groups of friends or extended families to enjoy …