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Autumn at Arum Lily Cottages’ Cabin 5

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Hot Tubs” Autumn at Arum Lily Cottages’ Cabin 5 5 Adults, 2 Kids at Bergsicht’s African Delight “Prost.” “Yes, salute! What a view.” “Genau.“ Our friends from Zurich have joined us at one of our favourite locations in the Western Cape …


Log Cabin Perfection at Arum Lily Cottage: Cabin 2

This is post 6 of 7 in the series “Recommended” These are our absolute, personal favourite places that we’ve had the privilege of staying and would recommend without hesitation. Luxury Mini Breaks at the Sandstone House Cottage Day Dreams at the White Sands Beach House Glittering Lagoon Views at The …


Morning Bliss at the Riverstone House

I can’t help but try to find a little fish or frog as the river water babbles along side me. Slow, black tea coloured water swoons into nearby rock pools as the reeds sway to the sound of the river. Nothing soothes the mind like the sound of water over …