In light of September being tourism month and the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway celebrating its 93 years in operation, the Cableway is offering a discounted rate for South African citizens (aged 4+) for the month of October! From Monday – Fridays, locals can enjoy a ride up the cable car

Special Local Rates for October 2022

  • Adult return ticket: R200 (Usually between R340 – R395 per adult return)
  • Child return ticket: R100 (Usually between R170 – R195 per child return)

Both available on Webtickets. Here’s how:

How to Buy Discounted Cable Car Tickets

  • Go to the Webtickets website and search for “Cablecar” for the quickest access.
  • Select Table Mountain cableway.
  • Choose a week day date during the month of October.
  • Select the type of ticket (October Special) & Next.
  • Select the number of tickets you’d like.
  • Complete the check out process.

And the great news is…

Is the Cable Car Affected by Loadshedding?

A BIG FAT NO! So don’t have concerns about having to hike either up or down, the cable car has generators than ensures the cable car keeps moving no matter what Eskom is up to!

Don’t Forget:

  • To bring a valid SA ID, drivers’ licence or birth certificate (for kids aged 4 – 17 years).
  • Tickets available online only, not at the box office.
  • Daily tickets are limited, but can be rescheduled during the month of October only.
  • Tickets are valid for 9 days and are currently available as of 23rd September 2022.
  • Refunds can be processed online OR by emailing OR from the Lower station ticket office.

Birthday Tickets

If it’s your birthday month and you’d also like to go up the cable car, they’ve expanded how this service works for more convenience use:

  • You can collect and redeem your free birthday Cableway ticket on any day of the calendar month in which your birthday falls.
  • For example: visitors born in October are able to collect and redeem their free birthday ticket on any day in October (even if it’s before your actual birthday)
  • Regardless of when your actual birth date falls during your birthday month, you cannot redeem your free birthday ticket the following month.
  • For example: anyone born on 31 October cannot use their birthday ticket in November
  • Tickets are only available to South African citizens. You will also have to present a valid South African identity document, South African driving licence or South African birth certificate on arrival at the Cableway.

About Table Mountain

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is steeped in rich history and symbolism. To the indigenous people of the Cape, the Khoisan, Table Mountain was known as Hoerikwaggo, meaning ‘mountain in the sea’.

Table Mountain is a leading tourist attraction, a New7Wonders of Nature and is estimated to be over 200 million years old – with some rocks around the base estimated at 500 million years old.

This December will see the tenth anniversary of Table Mountain being inaugurated as one of the New7Wonders of Nature. The award was confirmed in December 2012, recognising the mountain as the most accessible of the New7Wonders and the only one to be found in a city.

It has helped shape Cape Town and South Africa’s history, tracing some of its roots back to the Stone Age.

Happy exploring! And before you leave home, “Got the passports?”

Discounted Cable Car Tickets for Locals!

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