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Master Chef UK Judge, Gregg Wallace, in South Africa

Before there was Maaaah-sta Chef Australia, there was Master Chef UK. And I LOVED it! But, I cancelled my DSTV because #Expensive! But I always enjoy seeing the judges when they pop up from time to time. Such a time being this week when I found this YouTube channel called Travel Toob, which basically publishes a bunch of ITV programs for us to watch via the interwebs.

There’s little more satisfying and happy than the sound of Gregg Wallace tucking into a tasty pudding on Master Chef. “Oh yes, oh, oh, ohhhhh yes. That is delictable!” When you know, you know. So it was a true delight to find him on Travel Toob and in South Africa!

It must have been filmed 18 months to 2 years ago, or so, as there isn’t a mask in sight, which is also great as it shows South Africa in full force. Interestingly enough, it also doesn’t start off in Cape Town, a surprising choice as usually the city is used to wow visitors as they enter the country. However, this made a nice change and something different.

It also included some visits to the area of Namakwaland. Having grown up in Namibia, this is a special area so it was nice to see it included since it’s perceived to not be the most glamorous area in South Africa. Its desert landscape against the life the Orange River provides is interesting and it was lovely to see this included in the greater travel show.

If you love SA, if you love Gregg Wallace, then enjoy this show:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6



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