If you caught our stories over the weekend you would have seen us most over excited about the snow falling on the Stellenbosch mountains. As our Whatsapp’s blew up with video footage of snow on Table Mountain, we couldn’t help but be more enthralled by the Stellenbosch mountains, which revealed their snowy caps as soon as we took a drive into town (we were staying in the area for the weekend).

Having left our accommodation and wondering what to do, all plans were suddenly cancelled as we saw the stunning mountain tops! We set out to try get closer. Not entirely sure of the best route, we took a detour through Cloetesville, over the Hells Hoogte and up to Delaire Graff – which delivered exquisite views.

Here are some of the snowy pictures Mr John took. Please do not use without permission.



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  1. Such fantastic shops by Mr John!

    1. Urgh.. I obviously mean shots!!

      1. HAHA! Thanks friendle!

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