Salt Beef Beigels: Yellow Shop or White Shop?

Brick Lane is home to two of London’s most loved salt beef beigels stores: Beigel Shop London and Beigel Bake aka the yellow shop or the white shop.

I’m one of those people who could eat a salt beef bagel at any time of day simply because it’s nothing, but pure savory tooth indulgence. But the big question is – white bagel store or yellow bagel store?

Yellow Store

  • Oldest shop in London
  • Established in 1855
  • Well known for its rainbow beigels
  • Sweet pickles

White Store

  • Best for cockney accents
  • Super hot English mustard
  • Better quality beef.

Initially introduced to us by friends who lived in London, it was an instant hit for us – as it is for so many other late night revelers. Why? Pure carbo greed.

From the moment you open the paper bag, the scent of vinegar wafts up from the hot mustard, cue salivation…yum!

Made from fresh bagels, cream cheese/hot English mustard and slabs of days old brined beef; it’s keeps you warm, it keeps your full, the English mustard burns your tongue while the soft, sweet pickle offsets the heat. Perfect synergy.


When we landing in London this autumn it was also the only shop open early enough for us to grab a bite. The brickies were arriving for their morning tea and snack, so we joined the short queue and I couldn’t have been happier.

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  • Store: This is from the yellow store
  • Cost: Around £5.00
  • Where: 155 Brick Lane, Shoreditch
  • Hours: Open 24-7



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