The Garden at 120: The Best Free Thing To Do in London

“Oh my actual life!” slipped out of my mouth as I exited the elevators of 120 Fenchurch street. Turning to look at AJ, eyes widening as the exquisite 360 degree views of London rise along the glass-lined edges with every step. London, in all its glory – blue skies included, unfolds from the exquisite open air terrace of the Garden at 120.

Not to be confused with the Sky Garden (1 Sky Garden Walk) nearby, this is the Garden at 120 Fenchurch street – one of the best free things to do in London!

Views From the Garden at 120

Stepping out we are immediately blown away by the incredible space, building peeking up beside us and the promise of London under baby-blue skies…this is exactly what we travel for…new experience, mind-blowing views, heart-felt moments and it’s all here in this roof top garden.

Needless to say, the views are absolutely spectacular at the Garden at 120. You can walk around the parameter of the roof and take in all sides of London. Spot your favourite historical or tourist attractions, observe the new developments forming in the city or simply look up!

5 Facts About The Garden at 120 Fenchurch Street

  1. The Garden at 120 is the City of London’s largest public rooftop space.
  2. It’s 15 stories and provides great views across the city from the Fencourt building.
  3. The concept was designed by landscape architects Latz+Partner, who are also working on the refurbishment of South London’s Crystal Palace.
  4. The garden is maintained by award winning company Landform, renowned for maintaining (and creating) high quality landscapes throughout the UK including the Ascot Spring Garden.
  5. Some of the plant basins run underneath the hard surfaces to give them more growth room.

Finding 120 Fenchurch Street

Having drawn money and “quickly” popped into the nearby Superdrug (to raid their Makeup Revolution stand) my husband hurriedly found me, enquiring, “What are you doing? We’re waiting for you!”

“Just look love! Loooook at the magic!” – I was referring to the makeup (Revolution was not yet available in South Africa when I exploring these shelves of glittery joy.) Happy for me but definitely not interested, he coaxed me out of the store and over the street to a foyer with an animated ceiling. Beautiful flowers and greenery in motion displayed above our heads enticed us to explore further.

Things To Know About Visiting The Garden at 120

  • Cigarettes and vapes may not be used on the roof, even though it is open air.
  • 45 minutes will suffice (even though you could actually sit there all day!).
  • It only took us 5 minutes in the queue, but more time may be needed to access the building.
  • The garden is closed on public holidays (bank holidays) and weekends.
  • The garden is open to the people who work the building, and guests, on a first come first served basis.
  • No booking is required, but you can use their live capacity page to gauge availability.
  • There is a restaurant on the 14th floor that is open on weekends, should you like to pop in for a similar view.
  • Winter opening hours (1st October – 1st April) 10:00am – 18:30pm.
  • Summer opening hours (1st April-1st October) 10:00am – 21:00pm.
  • We visited in early September when the weather was perfect and clear.

How To Access The Garden at 120 Fenchurch Street

The main security reception to access the lifts is in Hogarth Court, which is on 120 Fenchurch Street , but access may be granted from Fenchurch Avenue (as seen in my foyer images).

We joined the queue outside a baby blue and white lit elevator door and flew up 15 floors. The door immediately opened up onto the rooftop.

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